SeroTalk Podcast 211: The Sound of Silence

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 211: The Sound of Silence

The aftermath of the reason Apple event, a musical mailbag and much more awaits you on this week’s episode of the podcast as Jamie, Ricky and Joe talk about the top news stories of the week. After the news, Pratik Patel joins Jamie to discuss the state of accessibility with regard to Windows Phone. All that plus your feedback makes for a jam-packed episode of the SeroTalk Podcast.

A T Talk

Jaws 16 Public Beta 1

Coming Soon: iOS Access for All Update for iOS 8

Find out more about how Drive and the Docs editors are now a lot friendlier for blind and low-vision users

Google Voice and Hangouts learn to play nice together

2-Hour Refund Window For Paid Apps And Games On The Play Store Is Officially Official

RNIB audio logo competition

Uber sued for allegedly refusing rides to the blind and putting a dog in the trunk

Apple Aftermath

Between Google and Apple, the smartwatch wars are over before they’ve even begun

Some future model of the Apple Watch will probably have more sensors

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: Which one should you buy?

Update: iPhone 6 Plus shipping estimates slip to 3-4 weeks

But what if I didn’t want a bigger iPhone?

Hands on with Apple Pay: NFC, barcode scan, on online purchases!

On Death and iPods: A Requiem

Apple puts up support page to get U2 album out of your iTunes


Hello SeroTalk Team, I have some comments For episode 210. First when you guys were talking about drones and indoor mapping early in the podcast all I could think about was seeing eye drones. Its the wave of the future. Next I was watching the most recent episode of Windows Weekly and they had a Microsoft add promoting Kortana on there I think you guys need to listen to. It will have you rolling on the ground laughing, unless your a big Apple fan. One more thing I want to mention. At the end Jamie and Buddy were talking a little about the Apple watch. When I heard the name on the announcement all I could think was “WOW now we have an A-Watch”. Have a good one and keep up the good work.

Greg Wocher(Your friendly neighborhood BlindMan)

Dear Serotalk staff, my name is Tamer Zaid and I’m from Houston Texas and I’m contacting you’all regarding podcast 209 and I want to comment on what Joe had talked about how people that have short term memory don’t have an idea of there spacial surroundings. Never the less, I’m a person that has a slight short term memory issue and I’m just 21 years old and I had accepted that I have this issue and I rely on my parents too take me places like college and volunteer work. I do suffer from walking with the cane just because I just don’t remember a rout from the first time when I do it. I need practice and practice until I finally get how to do it. I do utilize many tools during my day that can help me with remembering things and one tool that I just love is the iPhone. Also, I do really suggest that wearable technology should be around just because it will help me and might help many people that suffer from memory problems. The way I suffer from that dumb short term memory issue is by not remembering a place that you go to the first time. I’m great at using and knowing how to hold the cane, but I lack at traveling. Also, I’m not a multi-tasker and that makes it even worse. So, I just try to udilize my family and public transportation like Metro Lift here in Houston to go places like volunteer work. I just love being independent. Also, I love tactle maps just because I had vision before and I do still remember from my long term memory how things look like. Also, I do remember things that happened to me before I became blind. I do still remember colors and how things look like and I really thing that a person has to have a visual idea about what their touching like a 3d object to understand what it is. See, I don’t have that problem just because I have seen 3d objects and I do understand how they work. Also, I think that this topic should be widely known and discussed among various blind groups. It doesn’t mean I know it that everybody knows it. So, I think that it is a great topic to talk about. Well, thank you for the great work and I thank you’all for the great work that you’all do. You’all are awesome!

Regards, Tamer Zaid


How Social Media Affects Your Brain and Body

The history of Hold Music

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SeroTalk Podcast 210: Big and Ugly

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 210: Big and Ugly

Join Jamie, Ricky and Joe as they discuss all the top news stories of the week except one. Jamie and Buddy will discuss the big story at the end of the podcast. All other stories covered in this episode include:

A T Talk

NVDA 2014.3 now Available

BlindSquare now supports @transitapp, and this podcast shows how it works

Transit App ~ Now with Citi Bike, Divvy & Capital Bikeshare! on the App Store on iTunes

For blind bus riders, a new app boosts independence

Voiceover Easy Home Page

New iBooks Textbook Helps Visually Impaired Visit the Stars Through Touch and Sound

Low-Cost Refreshable Braille Device Available in 2016

Unachievable or Unwanted: Why Is ACE Opposed to Accessibility Guidelines?

Mainstream Matters

Google Unveils The Cartographer, Its Indoor Mapping Backpack

The Smart Home Is Going To Be A Huge Boon To Accessibility

Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 4 and new Galaxy Note Edge

Twitter CFO says a Facebook-style filtered feed is coming, whether you like it or not

Tim Cook Says Apple to Add Security Alerts for iCloud Users

9 Awesome Features Smartphones Still Don’t Have

Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now: An early look at how Cortana stacks up (hands-on)


The never-ending story of FXRadio where only your imagination limits what happens

Read lost Charlie and the Chocolate Factory chapter deemed ‘too wild’ to publish

Google’s latest object recognition tech can spot everything in your living room

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Apple iOS Announcement Livestreamed with Accessibility Commentary

Join today’s Apple iOS Announcement Livestreamed with Accessibility Commentary live on Accessible Event

When Apple launched the original iPhone, there wasn’t anything quite like it. iOS transformed the way that consumers interacted with cell phones, and the App Store unleashed an unprecedented wave of developer creativity. This creativity and ingenuity has lead to leaps forward in accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Independent Living Resource Center Of San Francisco, in partnership with The Serotek Corporation, will be providing live commentary on today’s Apple event.

Please note this is not an in-person event.

Various community leaders including Mike Calvo, Founder of Serotek, Derek Zarda, Assistive Technology Educator, and Jessie Lorenz Executive Director of ILRCSF will be providing commentary on what may be the most accessible version of iOS yet. Please join us today at 1 PM Eastern as we continue the dream of Steve Jobs, who had a vision of a world where technology erases limitations. Live tweeting and bloggers welcome!

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SeroTalk Podcast 209: Go Terabyte Or Go Home

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 209: Go Terabyte Or Go Home

You missed us, right? You know you did! Never fear; the familiar trio of Jamie, Ricky and Joe are back together to bring you the top news stories of the week. So put on your favorite slippers, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy this week’s SeroTalk podcast. Stories covered this week include:

A T Talk

KNFBReader iPhone App to be Released Alongside iOS 8

Free iBill® currency reader pilot begins in the U.S. Sept. 2

All in Access 17: iBlink for Mac, Dropbox Pro, Giant iPads, and Apple Rumors

FSCast Episode 94 – JAWS 16 New Editions

Here is a direct link to version 6.18 of the Skype 6 scripts for Jaws written by Doug Lee

Here is a 12-minute audio description of the scripts:

The Vario Ultra Braille devices have not shipped yet, but the manual is now available:

New audio game: The Ensign

A Touchy Subject – How Useful are Tactile Pictorials?

Now, a detailed molecular map of the eye to help treat vision loss diseases

Mainstream Matters

Dropbox slashes pricing and boosts storage as competition intensifies

Apple’s September event may be its most significant event in years

Apple’s supersized 12.9-inch iPad to land in early 2015

Seeing Through the Illusion: Understanding Apple’s Mastery of the Media

MSN Messenger is shutting down after 15 years of memories


Century-old drug reverses signs of autism in mice

Mindfulness training helps Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers

Harvard Scientists Send the First Transatlantic Smell via iPhone

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High Contrast Episode 24: The Can’t See Good Club

Listen to High Contrast Episode 24: The Can’t See Good Club

Maurie is back, to the happiness of Rodney and Byron, and she has brought along a fantastic topic for this month’s episode. Many low vision people struggle with where, when and what times they should self identify in public. Sure, the airport seems like a logical place to carry a cane, however, a trip to the local store might be the place where overconfidence can trump your need for assistance in interacting in that environment. Not to mention when reading the sides of cereal boxes. How did that text get so small anyway? Join us as we talk about examples of self identification, a few trademark ramblings off topic and another game review by Joe that you can play with your eyes open or closed.

Here is the link, to the NPR story, that got Maurie to thinking about low vision self identification

Additionally, from the ACLU, here is a link to a PDF about knowing your rights when talking with the authorities that Rodney found on the Daily Tech News Show website.

App Review: Blindfold Racer

Grab your headphones and driving gloves. It’s time to speed down the track, avoid chickens and turn in your best times with Blindfold Racer for iOS. This free app works with Voiceover and is a great pick up and play kind of game. You will tilt your device to steer around obstacles and barrel through turns. It sounds simple, but can you keep the center of the track between your ears as you avoid the crazy obstacles? Try out the app and see if you can be the ultimate driver!

How can you find out what our hosts are up to outside the podcast?

Follow Maurie Hill on Twitter

Check out Maurie’s writing on the AI Squared Zoomed In Blog

Follow Rodney Edgar on Twitter

Check out Rodney on the Tech Access Weekly Blog and Podcast

Follow Byron Lee on Twitter

Check out Byron’s Website

Feel free to send your feedback on this show to

You can always find the latest on this show and others on the SeroTalk Podcast Network

using iBlink Radio for your iOS device or your Android device. You can even leave us an iReport right from the iBlink app.

Thanks for listening!

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SPN Special: BVA 2014 Convention Coverage

Listen to our SPN Special: BVA 2014 Convention Coverage

SPN is excited to bring you audio from the Exhibit Hall floor from the 2014 Blinded Veterans Association National Convention from amazing Reno Nevada. This was our second time to bring our listeners coverage from this event and we would like to express our gratitude to the BVA for inviting us to this year’s convention. We would like to encourage those who may know a Blind Vet, or if you are one yourself, to contact the BVA for more details about their organization and its activities by visiting their website at or call 800 669 7079.

SPN would also like to thank this year’s Summer Convention sponsors HIMS Inc and Elegant Insights for helping us bring you this, and all the rest, of our Summer Convention specials. Please visit their sites and let them know how much you enjoyed our coverage!

Also, Serotek offers the SAMNet Vets program to Blind and Low Vision U.S. Veterans. This program is free and it has already attracted many to enjoy SAMNet during its availability. To learn more about SAMVets visit or call us at 612 246 4818.

Interviews in this special include…

LogicMark Phone: 866 541 8387 Extension 138

Stay safe with Freedom Alert from LogicMark.

Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation Phone: 860 243 5200

Learn about in-home guide dog training with Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation.

LS&S Phone: 1 800 468 4789

Joe goes shopping for canes and more with LS&S

AbiSee Phone: 978 637 2900

Joe talks portable low vision devices with AbiSee

America’s Vet Dogs Phone: 866 282 8047

Joe talks with representatives of America’s Vet Dogs.

Eschenbach Phone: 1 800 487 5389

Joe talks with Joe about handheld magnifiers and more from Eschenbach.

Audio Eye Phone: 866 331 5324

Take accessibility to a whole new level with Audio Eye.

GH Accessibility Phone: 765 775 3776

GH makes reading books easier on the PC, the Mac and the Web.

eSight Phone: 1 855 837 4448

Learn about electronic eye glasses from eSight.

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SeroSpectives: A Glimpse of SAMNet

Listen to SeroSpectives: A Glimpse of SAMNet

Welcome to a very special SeroSpectives program for the month of August. For this podcast, we decided to turn the spotlight on ourselves. Whether it’s Lisa Salinger’s thorough training on how to use various aspects of SAMNet or our In It to Win It chats available exclusively to our SAMNet community, we offer you a glimpse into what we do here at Serotek. To learn more and become a part of our community, why not sign up for a 14-day free trial of our products right now!

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SeroTalk Podcast 208: Out Here On the Balcony

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 208: Out Here On the Balcony

Welcome to the latest episode of the SeroTalk Podcast. This week, Jamie Pauls, Ricky Enger and Lisa Salinger sit down to discuss the top news stories of the week. Then, Joe Steinkamp sits down with AER president Lou Tutt to discuss the success of their latest convention as well as the past, present and future of the organization. Topics discussed in this podcast include:

A T Talk

NVDASR 2014.3rc1 now available for testing, before final release

Results from the 778 people who responded to the first NVDA Speech Synthesizer Survey, now closed.

Every JAWS User Should Have Leasey!

Samsung Is Making An Ultrasonic Cover For The Galaxy Note 4 To Help The Visually Impaired

30 Days with Android

Accessibility Head-To-Head: Android vs Apple

Beyond Braille: 3-D Printed Books For The Blind

10 Things Not To Say Or Do To A Blind Person

Mainstream Matters

This Week’s Apple Rumors, Ranked From Dumbest to Most Plausible

iPhone 6: A delicate compromise

NFL Now channel added to Apple TV w/ instant in-game highlights, live events and press conferences, more

Microsoft expected to announce Windows 9 on September 30

Former Microsoft CEO Ballmer steps down from the board

What it feels like to be the last generation to remember life before the internet


The Ice Bucket Challenge: Awareness is Not Money

What People With ALS Think of Ice Bucket Challenge

Pres. George W. Bush Takes Ice Bucket Challenge – YouTube

This Blind Grandpa Is Running 11,000 Miles Around The U.S. To Raise Funds For Cystic Fibrosis

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SPN Special 3 from the 2014 International AER Conference

Listen to SPN Special 3 from the 2014 International AER Conference

SPN is elated to bring you the third of our three specials from the 30th Anniversary celebration of AER at their International Conference, just steps away from the Alamo and the Riverwalk, in San Antonio Texas. We would like to thank AER for their invitation to come and stroll the Exhibit Hall floor. And we urge our listeners to visit the website to learn more about this, and the next event in 2016, as more of the session audio can be found on the site soon.

We would also like to thank our Summer Show 2014 sponsors, HIMS and Elegant Insights, for helping us bring you the hours of audio you hear from these specials. And, if you enjoy our content, be sure to leave us a comment or write us at as your feedback shapes what we cover on SPN.

This special contains interviews from the following…

Joe shares a HIMStastic morning with Dave

Dan Brown talks Humanware and Education with Ricky

Joe gets a clear view of Optelec’s products

Zoomtext, Window Eyes and much more with Scott More from Ai Squared

Ricky goes back to school with TSBVI

Joe celebrates AER’s achievements with Valley Gifts and Awards!

Ricky gets descriptions of places and things with TapTap See

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SPN Special 2 from the 2014 International AER Conference

Listen to SPN Special 2 from the 2014 International AER Conference

SPN is pleased to bring you the second of three specials recorded from the Exhibit Hall floor of the 30th Anniversary International AER Conference from San Antonio Texas.

While these interviews are more geared towards a Vocational Rehab or Education Professional, we believe that the information is also directly relatable to those in school or college. Or for those who have, or who are looking for, employment. Please pass along the links to this, and our other two specials, to those you may know who could benefit by hearing this type of information. And be sure to let us know what you think of our coverage by leaving us a comment here on the blog.

Also, we’d like to thank our fantastic SPN Summer Show Sponsors HIMS Inc. and Elegant Insights for their support in bringing you these interviews.

Interviews that can be found in this special are…

Sue Martin and Ricky talk about life, work and stepping “out of the Whirlpool”

Joe takes a closer look at products from Enhanced Vision

Ricky reads the signs with MDI Traffic Control

Joe views Canada and their adjustment to the Texas Heat with ESight

Looking towards VR Horizons with Ricky

Joe gets some exercise running the bases with Beep Kickball

Ricky learns chords and more with Perkins eLearning

Maxi Aids catologs much with joe

Bling, rings and more when Ricky peruses Jewelry in Braille

Ricky practices her multiplication tables with Braille Math

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