RWF 8: Tracy Reifkind: Queen of the Swing


My guest this week is Tracy Reifkind of She is known world wide as “the queen of the kettlebell swing”.

At age 41 she totally transformed her body losing over 100pounds! Now, 10 years later she looks and feels better than ever.

In this inspiring and fun interview we discuss;

  • The chubby girl
  • Learning through exposure
  • Life was good
  • Dodging the bullet
  • Stop doing what’s keeping you fat
  • Getting excited about it
  • Discovering the kettlebell swing
  • Tracy’s system
  • How the first DVD happened
  • “The Round About”
  • The book
  • Tracy’s message

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About Bill Kociaba

Bill's lengthy career in the health and fitness world has spanned nearly 40 years. Starting with a summer job helping out In the gym he attended. Bill owned his own very successful gym in south florida for close to 20 years as well as working as a massage therapist, personal trainer, bodybuilding coach and fitness event promoter. Bill has had numerous articles published both in the fitness and professional wrestling industrys. 2014 was a busy year for Bill. He started his morning exercise program on, launched his own website and was the featured guest on a half dozen internet shows. With the launch of the Real World Fitness Podcast Bill intends to further spread the health and fitness messege that has been the prime focus of his entire life!
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