DOKY iPhone App: Non-Visual Reading and Editing Structured Documents

You may find the following item of interest if you are a mobile technology user and are looking for an alternative means to edit documents.

The original message follows:

Dear Member

In the frame of his Ph.D. project Martin Dorigo developed a novel system for reading and editing structured documents in a non-visual way on mobile and wearable devices. This App is called DOKY and it is available for Apple iPhone, iPad and Android devices!

DOKY provides you amongst others the following 3 unique key features:

  1. A fast overview over the document structure
  2. A fast skim and scan over the document content
  3. Move, remove and insert elements and text

He would like to invite you to test his system. It will take you 15 minutes only:

  1. Please go to the Apple AppStore or Android PlayStore and search for DOKY (written with Y).
    Or use the following links:
  2. Install and start the DOKY app
  3. Follow the spoken instructions

In order to reach significant results the participation of a lot of people is required. May I ask you to forward this message to many others.

Please test DOKY until April 30th 2015. With your valuable assistance the reading and editing of structured documents will be revolutionized!

Thank you so much and kind regards,

Martin Dorigo

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