Tech Tip: One Way to Synchronize Your Favorites

Do you want to be able to access your favorite websites across Internet Explorer, Firefox, iOS and OSX across different devices? This is not the quickest method, but nor does it involve the alternative registry tweak that is too likely to lead to problems if you flick the wrong setting by accident.

Before starting, I’m going to assume you are: 1) at least an intermediate computer user; 2) using a PC as a starting point; and 3) currently using a file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll stick to Dropbox as a reference point moving forward.

OK, first, in Dropbox, create a folder called “Favorites.”

Now, in Windows, we need to change the default location of where your Favorites are stored. Currently your Favorites will be located in your User folder:

C:\Users[User Name]

  • Right click on Favorites.
  • Click on Properties.
  • Move to the Location tab and browse to the Favorites folder in Dropbox you just created.

This is important: If you do not select the Favorites folder, your links will end up scattered all over your Dropbox amid your other files, and while it is possible to reverse the process, it’s completely unnecessary to make that mistake.

Okay, boom, your favorite links now reside in the new Favorites folder in Dropbox, which means you can now access the same links via Internet Explorer on any PC where you have Dropbox installed, right? Not so fast. You will need to change the default location for Favorites in subsequent Windows machines as well, because those subsequent machines are still pointing to the default location. Yes, you only have to do this once.

You with me so far?

Okay, the problem is that the default Favorites folder links to Internet Explorer. If you’re like me and switch between IE and Firefox, you need to create a bridge between the two browsers so that the Favorites you see in IE are the same Favorites you see in Firefox, and the simple answer is the Plain Old Favorites add-on in Firefox. Download it, install it and enjoy accessing, adding and reviewing the same Favorites no matter whether you choose IE or Firefox. Since your add-ons travel with your Firefox profile, as long as your Firefox profile is loaded in additional machines, you’ll retain the same access to Favorites no matter the PC you’re using.

Still hanging in there?

Great! Now, how do you suppose you synchronize your Favorites between the PC and, say, your iDevice? If your mental answer was iCloud! you would be correct.

Download and install iCloud to your PC, tell it to synchronize Favorites, and enjoy Favorites across Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari on iOS and OSX.

Okay, after reading all that, you want to hear the kicker? You could theoretically use EverSync to do the same, including Android and Chrome, but as I have not tested the app for accessibility, I cannot personally recommend it just yet. Hence, that is why I began by pointing out this would not be the quickest method, but it’s the strategy I’ve been employing thus far and it has served me well.

Thoughts? Alternative methods? Leave them in the comments!

About Joe Orozco

Joe Orozco is the Communications Director for Serotek Corp. He is also Managing Director for AlphaComm Strategies. When he isn't writing web pages, proposals, and online marketing materials for social and commercial entrepreneurs, he enjoys reading and writing about technology, financial management, and strategic planning. Follow Joe on Twitter @ScribblingJoe
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4 Responses to Tech Tip: One Way to Synchronize Your Favorites

  1. B.J. says:

    You lost me with right click. A lot of totally blind users don’t employ a mouse, we use keystrokes to accomplish the same goals. In future, when you refer to clicking, could you also list the accompanying keystroke for that action? Thanks.

  2. Joe Orozco says:

    My bad. I should know better. Right click simulation will depend on your screen reader, of course. In JAWS, using the laptop layout, you can use JAWS Key plus 9, or in the desktop layout you can use the asterisk key over on your number pad, third button from the left in the top row. If it’s easier for you, you may also use your Applications key to pull up the Context Menu. Arrow up once to Properties. Let me know if you need help with any of the rest of it. I’d seen an inquiry on a list about how to synchronize Favorites and thought I’d offer it here.

  3. Scott V says:

    Thank you for that tip. When i set this up, and if my wife does the same thing, can she view my favorites in her browsers, and I do the same with hers? In other words, i like this idea.
    I will soon install the firefox plug-in. thank you again

  4. Joe Orozco says:


    Make sure you have a shared folder with your wife. Then, create the Favorites subfolder in there. Again, just make sure you highlight the right Favorites subfolder when you change the default location. Then, absolutely, you and your wife can share the same Favorites. Glad the tip was useful to you.

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