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SeroTalk Blog

The SeroTalk Blog puts your finger on the pulse of all things going on at SPN. Not much into podcasts? In addition to show notes for the network shows, you can get first dibs on articles covering a growing range of subjects ranging from entrepreneurship to product evaluations, how-to’s, philosophy, and a diverse mix of everything in between.

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SeroTalk Podcast

SeroTalk logo

Winner of the Blind Bargains Access Award for Best Podcast for multiple years, the weekly podcast is seen as one of the premier shows of its kind amongst in Blindness Community. BBC’s Ouch Blog has listed SeroTalk amongst the top five access related podcasts that they recommend to their readers. SeroTalk’s unique mixture of today’s technology news, interviews and product reviews make the show a “must listen” for those who want to stay up to date on breaking developments.

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Triple Click Home

Triple Click Home logo

Can’t get enough of your iDevice? Triple Click Home is the perfect show for in-depth discussion of news, apps and events that impact the Apple user. Tune in monthly!

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Real World Fitness

Interested in getting in shape? Not quite sure how to go about leading a healthier lifestyle? Bill Kociaba features a weekly show alongside the biggest names in the fitness industry that might just move you off the couch and onto the exercise mat. It’s weight lifting, self-defense, nutrition, and all the other activity in between that keeps you pumped and ready to meet your personal goals. Come on! You know you’re ready to exercise hard and feel good!

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What’s Up!

Tired of keeping up with the latest additions to popular content services? At the intersection of literature and pop culture is your weekly ticket to the most recent contributions to Amazon Kindle, Audible, BARD, Bookshare, and SAMNet. Hope Povenmire brings you snippets and quick summaries of the books and movies you must absolutely check out for hours of entertainment. Go on, get in the know with What’s Up!

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The Rundown Sportscast

Are you a sports aficionado? This weekly show was custom designed with you in mind. From touchdowns to throw downs, from the drama on the court, off the field and between seasons, A Z Martinez and JDR take you beyond the scores to athlete news you want to hear from fellow sports enthusiasts!

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