RWF 5: THE ONE TOUCH PROJECT – Self-defense for the blind

Listen to RWF 5: THE ONE TOUCH PROJECT – Self-defense for the blind

The 1Touch™ is the first comprehensive descriptive self-defense program designed specifically for people who are blind. The program is a hands-on self defense
Technique for dealing with assaults, aggressive behavior,
and bullying.

Bill’s guest today is Stephen Nicholls, the creator of the 1touch program. Stephen is accompanied by two graduates of the training, Carrie and Lori.
Some of the topics covered include:

  • How it all began
  • Stephen’s personal background
  • “One touch” is not a martial art
  • Meeting Umit Turkusev
  • Working with Veterans groups in the US and UK
  • How taking the program changed Lori and Carrie’s lives
  • The sisters plans to spread the “one touch” word
  • “One touch” can be humbling for a traditional martial arts master
  • It’s about empowerment as much as anything else
  • How the training saved one woman from an attacker

Upcoming events

  • April 13-15th Long Beach Veterans Administration CA
  • April 16th, Junior Blind of America Los Angeles CA
  • May 18-20th, Texas School for the Blind
  • June 9-11, Ohio School for the Blind
  • August 12-14, Second Sense Chicago IL
  • August 24-26, Secaucus NJ

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