3 Keys to Jingle on Your Keyring of Beliefs

Ever have a pivotal moment? A moment like, “Hey, I just signed a 1-year membership to a health club. Now I’m going to have to do some mental exercises to excuse away why I can’t work out. Gee, I hope that won’t be too difficult.”

I’m kidding, get out there and pump some iron!

One pivotal morning, Truck keys jingled in my pocket, I patted my pup on the head with, “I’ll be right back pal. “ Shutting the door on my way out; an immediate thought came to mind, “Did I just? … Oh no I didn’t … Oh yes I did! I just locked the door behind me!” Realize, my truck key does not have a house key with it.

Writer’s note: In case you weren’t paying attention–that would be the pivotal moment right there.

Faster than Clint Eastwood’s cheroot clenched pistol draw, a quick jab to the left front pocket, no house keys! In one fluid move, a slam to the right front chest pocket of my coveralls–which would have impressed even Chuck Norris. Rats! No keys there either… and no cell phone!

Continuing my Dance of External Disappointment, it was… tighten fists, flap lips in various unrecognizable contortions, blend in a burst of vocal expression of self-disgust. Rounding out the choreographed diatribe was a simultaneous wielding of the arms, with an ugly spasm-like twist of the torso.

I’d thought I heard the neighbors squinting out their front window saying “Wow honey. Get a load of this. Brad’s doing some sort of Mosh-ercize, Turbo Slam or something out in his driveway. In the dead of winter no less.”

I stood in the driveway with the pup staring at me through the glass front door with a tongue dangling toothy grin. Was the toothy grin just a sympathetic expression of a canine panting in despair of its owner’s predicament, or more like, “Brad? That hot oatmeal on the counter right over there? That’s mine. Yeeaaah baby!”

How important is remembering your house keys when heading out for the day? Pretty dang important at 15-degrees below zero. Come to think of it, there are a few important keys you need to remember heading out to your day no matter what temperature it is outside.

Key#1: Have a positive attitude and believe you can do it.

No one will ever believe in your ability to be successful as much as you will need “you” to believe in it. Okay yes, there are those around you that see your potential and offer support, but if you don’t see it, or play it down with excuse, they’ll eventually stop. No one wants to keep smacking the encouragement ball to the outfield and drag you around the bases.

It’s your own belief that counts because you’re the one out in the trenches. And you know what? You really can do it if you just get after it. Nearly everything in this world is a teachable skill, and despite how it might appear, we’re all learning everyday so you’re not alone. Just go for it and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Key #2: Get going and actually do something.

Funny how once we decide to do something, we’re expected to take action on it. Whose idea was that anyway?

That doesn’t mean endless answering of emails, rabbit trailing down YouTube lane, checking with your neighbor if he brought back the rake he borrowed last fall.

It does mean prioritizing your goals, provided you’ve made them, and accounting for your time. You’re the boss, it’s up to you to give yourself performance reviews, and your boss can get a bit tough. Focus on your tasks, don’t procrastinate, you’ll “loose end” yourself to a point of submersion.

Key #3: Balance the view.

When you’ve forgotten the second key on your keychain, don’t spend all your time looking in the rear-view mirror for it or constantly reminding yourself of all those mistakes you left behind.

Learn from them yes, but hey, there’s a reason the windshield is larger than the rear view mirror. Spending valuable time squinting at that mirror only leads to not paying attention to the things coming at you through that big clear glassy thing with the wipers on it.

Glance at your past to learn from it, but spend the majority of your time looking at what’s ahead. In case you need a blunt reminder–that would be your immediate future, and you’re the one driving straight into it.

Live like you’ll never get hurt, dream like nobody is watching, and above all… Try-try-try until you succeed!

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