SeroTalk Podcast 156: Robot Eats Your Lunch

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 156: Robot Eats Your Lunch
Welcome to this week’s podcast. Follow along in the show notes as Jamie, Ricky and Joe discuss the top news stories of the week.
Samsung Galaxy S4 named top smartphone by Consumer Reports

HTC in disarray: staff departures, ‘disastrous’ First, and production problems cloud company’s future

How BlackBerry is fixing its once ‘broken’ brand

Cloud Storage Speed Compared, Dropbox Comes Out On Top

Poll: Teens migrating to Twitter

Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1.1 billion — ‘We promise not to screw it up’

Find Free Wi-Fi Passwords for Local Spots on Foursquare

IBM Watson on smartphones to make customer service bots less annoying

Pandora Premieres Streams New Albums Weeks Before They Launch

Apple Defends Tax Avoidance

Tim Cook confirms: Apple spending $100 million to build new Macs in Texas

The All-New Victor Reader Stream now with support

Stevie Wonder advocates accessibility for disabled

j-Tools is now free

Before the Black: Dealing with Impending Blindness

This page gives instructions on using Google Docs with JAWS, NVDA, ChromeVox and VoiceOver

NVDA 2013.1 has been released, with support for PowerPoint, an improved laptop keyboard layout and some enhanced Braille support

Dancing Dots has released the latest version of its CakeTalking access solution for SONAR, the powerful multi-track audio production software from Cakewalk. A detailed podcast is available for download:

Or stream

Here is a link to our SPN interview with Dancing Dots

An Exciting Opportunity for Blind Entrepreneurs


High School Students Build Robotic Locker Opener For Classmate With Muscular Dystrophy

3D Printing Gives Blind Parents a Chance to Feel Baby Before It’s Born

Like bats and dolphins, blind humans can use echolocation to find objects

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One Response to SeroTalk Podcast 156: Robot Eats Your Lunch

  1. Jake says:

    Once again this was a great show! I’d like to comment on echolocation. I use it a lot, and it is most helpful to me. I have always been a cane user, never roller tips. It’s not that I’m opposed to them, I’ve just never used one. My sister has a marshmallow tip on her cane though. I use the touch technique, and the pencil grip as this is what I was taught and worked on with every O&M instructor I’ve had. I find this technique especially useful in a big dumpster area out in front of my building, as it is a big open space and I tend to veer a lot when traveling. Don’t even get me started on my lack of formal O&M instruction for several years. For that I encourage you to go to my website.

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