High Contrast Episode 11: It’s a World of Dreams

Listen to High Contrast Episode 11: It’s a World Of Dreams

Summer is right around the corner and that means going outside, having fun and visiting new places. Maurie got a jump start on the season and she is here to tell us about her trip to Disneyworld. And Joe tells stories of his previous travels to the “Happiest Place On Earth” plus some thoughts on Universal Studios Orlando. Rodney chimes in with a controversial topic, Joe reviews a console gaming classic reborn on the iPad and your feedback from the Mailbag. Enjoy your summer!

Maurie has some great posts up at the “Zoomed In” blog that serve as a good companion piece to our discussions. Check out the blog for more or take a look at this Mouse House related post.

Enjoying Disney’s Attractions Despite Low Vision

Here is a link to the article we mentioned about moms hiring the Disabled to let their kids cut in lines at Disney

**App Review: Final Fantasy For iOS

it first appeared on the 80s Nintendo Entertainment System and many who played it had no idea that this little game would go on to be one of the biggest franchises ever. More than 20 years, 14 sequels and countless spin offs later, Final Fantasy evolves to the world of the touch screen interface on iOS. Is it better than using that old controller? Find out that and more in joe’s review.

Okay, its not really related to any iReports or emails but joe said he would pass it along to prove that the BowLingual existed.

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