An Exciting Opportunity for Blind Entrepreneurs

Are you a blind or low vision business owner? Do you want to promote your products on a multimedia network on a global scale? The SeroTalk Podcast Network (SPN) is launching a platform to empower new and established entrepreneurs, and we want you to be a part of it!

SPN is a household name in the realm of digital information and entertainment. People from domestic and international locations dial into our growing base of unbiased and authoritative headline news coverage. SPN works in tandem with iBlink Radio, the world’s largest repository of up-to-date podcast shows, community broadcast, and localized radio reading services for the blind. SPN is the brainchild of Serotek Corp, itself a blind-owned business with intimate familiarity with setting new standards in the world of business development.

Competing advertisement platforms charge a fortune for one-time hits with singular exposure. SPN deploys highly skilled content producers and on-air personalities to cover breaking events across dedicated podcasts and websites. Take advantage of our competitive rate of $50 for an audio spot on your choice of SPN podcasts, or make the aggressive investment of $250 to splash your message across all six SPN broadcasts reaching a growing base of 16,000 monthly subscribers.

Join the platform of industry leaders. Reach the people you need to hear about your services. Act now to secure your place in the dominant game changer taking the web by storm!

For more details, contact our sales department at: 612-246-4818, or send an email to

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  1. David Ward says:

    Very cool… I’ll have to try an come up with $50.. By the Way you guys need a set of share buttons Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus… I link to it but have to do so manually bit of a pain.

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