High Contrast Episode 10: Its More Doorable

Listen to High Contrast Episode 10: Its More Doorable We are back and we are picking up right where we left off in the “this versus that” department. This episode we look at the smaller tablets and bring in mr. Byron Lee to discuss Nexus 7 versus his iPad Mini. But first up, Jeremy and Joe talk about CSUN 2013 which then turns into a larger conversation about how to pick out a good video magnifier. All that and an app review for iOS in this month’s installment of “High Contrast”. Catch all our CSUN 2013 interviews to learn more about the devices Jeremy and Joe mentioned during the podcast Jeremy mentioned the wonderful gang at InData Project. Be sure to subscribe to their podcast as well to learn about Assistive Technology beyond that of Blindness and Low Vision Joe and Byron talked about the need for a case with a tablet. Here’s CNET’s “Always On” show that demonstrates why this is so true Byron was kind enough to jot down some quick notes with his thoughts on both the iPad Mini and the Nexus 7. “iPad Mini has slightly more viewable real estate 1024 x 768/4.3 Nexus 7 will do higher resolution video and has more pixels 1280 x 800/15.9 “iPad Mini has more persistant magnification Nexus 7 has easier to use magnification but it goes back to normal view mode when ever you switch apps. iPad Mini Large Text only works in Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Messages and Notes but you get a lot of choices for text size. Nexus 7 has more limited text sizes but it more broadly applies the larger text throughout the operating system. iPad Mini can do system wide reverse contrast. Nexus 7 can’t do reverse contrast but it may be available in a later release of Android. Nexus 7 is more pocketable iPad Mini seems more durable Nexus 7 has nice rubberized leather like texture on the back iPad Mini seems slippier but is much sleeker Nexus 7 is cheaper and still provides the user with a lot. iPad Mini is overpriced for what you get. iPad Mini has better accessibility. Nexus 7 has better Braille support. iPad Mini seems more polished in terms of the look and feel of the OS as well as the look and feel of the hardware. Nexus 7 is a great alternative to iOS’s walled garden and closed approach and still provides a nice interface.” App Review: Stem Stumper Lite This entertaining game not only teaches you how to solve puzzles, help with your spacial orientation but it also can help you teach others about using sound instead of vision. Be sure to show others “Sonar Mode” in this delightful app. Don’t forget to catch Rodney’s limited engagement on “The Melting Pot” via mushroom FM And Beckah Bradley, from episode 5, has her new album out now. Find out more by visiting her site

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