SeroTalk Podcast 151: Big Pains in the Glass

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 151: Big Pains in the Glass This week, Buddy Brannan joins Jamie Pauls and Ricky Enger in a discussion of the top news stories of the week. Topics covered include: Twitter Launches Twitter music App and Service Time Warner to bring live, roaming TV to iOS devices Dish-Sprint merger may bring new bundles, deals LG is developing a waterless washing machine Samsung Galaxy S4 coming to seven US carriers starting 24 April Windows 8.1 build hints at Metro-based file manager How Intel could give Windows 8 the break it has been waiting for First real-world usage figures suggest Chromebooks are struggling Who’s Winning, iOS or Android? All the Numbers, All in One Place Why Microsoft won’t make an iPhone rival Google’s Eric Schmidt on Facebook Home: ‘It took some guts to do it, on our part’ Before it took over smartphones, Android was originally destined for cameras Google Drive, Apps, Gmail all back online, Google says WordPress hit by massive botnet: Worse to come, experts warn Should the Blind Be Able to ‘Drive’ Automated Vehicles? iOS Apps Developed Specifically for the Blind or People with Low Vision Braille Fails


Your brain could be your new password Arlington Marathoner Guides Blind Runner Away from Explosions Visually impaired Texan’s fun-filled journey through Boston Marathon finishes just minutes before explosions


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