SeroTalk Podcast 152: Muscles and Mousetraps

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 152: Muscles and Mousetraps

This week, Lisa Salinger joins Jamie Pauls and Joe Steinkamp to discuss the top news stories of the week. Topics covered in this podcast include:

The @AP Twitter feed was hacked and no, the White House has not been bombed.

AP Twitter account is back, but it seems to be missing a few million followers…

Twitter said to be testing two-step security in wake of AP hack

Google: More government takedown requests than ever before

Eric Schmidt: Google Glass not coming to you until 2014:

Don’t hold your breath waiting for NFC on the iPhone. Mobile payments are still in their infancy, says Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Customers had to wait too long for the new iMacs after they were announced in October

Apple announces June 10 through June 14 dates for WWDC 2013, tickets go on sale April 25.

Tim Cook Offering Coffee Meeting at Apple HQ in Charity Auction

Voice search coming to Direct TV IOS app.

Netflix Surpasses HBO In Subscribers For First Time – 29.17 Million U.S. Subscribers to 28.7 Million

From Jeffrey’s Soapbox comes a post, “The must have accessible apps for blind android users”

TalkBack Update

Hims Gets It Right With Braille Sense Version Eight

Letter to Humanware: are you killing the Braillenote and hoping no one notices?

We are delighted and proud to announce The Nightjar game — featuring Benedict Cumberbatch — is now on sale

Window-Eyes 8.2 is Now Available

Outlook 2010 from the Keyboard – free basics of using Outlook without a mouse


From Mike Arrigo: > I also have a chrome book that Google sent me for testing. If you want to see how the accessibility works, install google chrome on your pc or mac, then install the chromevox extention. The chrome books work the same way. In my view, the chrome book is good at what it does, it just doesn’t do enough. You can play media files and view pictures locally, other than that, you must have an internet connection to be able to do anything with it. It really does not run any applications locally besides the chrome browser of course. So, there is no skype or messenger applications, no local office suites or any games that run on the device. You would need to use web sites that offered this. In a nut shell, I would say the chrome book is an internet appliance in a laptop form factor. For someone who just wants to do email and surf the web, it’s something to consider. Other than that, I would say to go with a full laptop.

> Hi Serotek team, my name is Tamer Zaid and I live in Houston Texas.

> Well, I have a question with which OCR app is officient with blind and visually impaired people to use. Is it Prismo? Or is there other apps such as those? I am a bigg fan of the i-Phone and specially the i-Phone 5. It is so fast! So, have a great day!

From Snow Bunny on Podcast 145: > Hey, guys, yes, I know, I’m way behind, thanks again for having content on demand! That service animal story was doggone interesting, ha ha, I’m a punster too! Owing to having no usable hearing on the left side and total blindness, my orientation and balance are much worse than in prior times and I get disoriented in my home. Do you guys know of a system with, say, some kind of tags which I could place on prominent objects and a handheld device to use to point around a room when I become dizzy and directionally unplugged? The device could speak, saying, “fridge in front of you”, for example. Here is something I came across. Please discuss indoor navigation more on the podcast sometime. Thanks and keep up the great work! Beth


Blind adventurer relies on his ears & a guide to ski. He’s also the first blind person to climb Mt. Everest!

How one man’s life changed from completely disconnecting for ten days:

McDonald’s burger bought in Utah in 1999 looks exactly the same as the day it was first flipped

128-Year-Old Recording Surfaces of Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice

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