SeroTalk Podcast 150: Sesquicentennial

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 150: Sesquicentennial Welcome to the 150th Episode of the SeroTalk Podcast. After Jamie Pauls, Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp discuss the top news stories of the week, Mike Calvo visits with Will Walsh who is the Serotek survey winner of the iPad Mini. In light of the tragedy which recently occurred in Boston, we would ask you to please consider donating to the Red Cross. Researcher takes controls of aircraft system with Android phone Get lost, drivers: Google Maps is not for you Samsung Unveils Enormous 6.3-Inch Galaxy Mega Smartphone Why I’m Giving Up On Android You can now tell Google what to do with your account in the afterlife Microsoft’s Office for iOS, Android: Not until fall 2014? A Theory about the Office on iPad Schedule Microsoft beats Windows XP users into submission Facebook Home Phone Sucks You Back Into Facebook Facebook begins charging $15 to send private messages OS X 10.8.4 code confirms new Macs incoming with super-fast 802.11ac Gigabit wireless support When Cars Attack: A First Hand Experience Lire excellent full-text rss reader for iPhone. Extraordinary VoiceOver support. National Federation of the Blind and Two Blind Taxpayers File Suit Against H&R Block Due to lack of access, qualified blind woman unable to take state-required test & thus gain employment. CamFind – Search With Your Camera Feature Writer Alena Roberts – Stand Scan: Making OCR on the iPhone Practical and Usable Take Me Out To The Beeping Ballgame – Baseball For Blind Athletes


Why sighing makes you feel better What did the Big Bang sound like? Take a listen


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