SeroTalk Podcast 149: Vinyl Resurgence

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 149: Vinyl Resurgence

Welcome to this week’s episode of the SeroTalk Podcast. Join Jamie, Ricky and Joe as they discuss the top news stories of the week which include:

Facebook invades Android’s Home

Report: Google Prepping Cheaper Nexus 7 for Summer Release

Countdown clock: Microsoft marches toward its Messenger phase-out

Microsoft’s Windows Blue looks to be named Windows 8.1

SkyDrive app is Microsoft’s ‘new normal’

Amazon extends AutoRip to vinyl records

Amazon Hires Former Windows Phone Exec to Work on ‘Something Secret’

Rumor has it that Apple’s iOS 7 development is delayed

Steve Jobs Shaped Next Two iPhones

Tim Cook’s apology did its job. Apple earns respect in China.

The first call from a cell phone was made 40 years ago today

April Fools’ 2013: From Twttr to Google Nose to Nokia’s microwave

Serotek Introduces TrikeTech For Tots

A BlindBargains Exclusive: Milieu Smartphone for the Blind Community

SeroTalk April Fools Podcast

Dropbox 2.0.4 adds workaround for screen readers

Walmart Expands Program to Provide Talking Prescription Containers

J-Tools will be re-released and will be free!

Rebuttal to Mike Calvo on WSJ Live


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From Jake:

Hello Jamie, Ricky and Joe. I just got through listening to your April Fool’s Day podcast and loved it. I do indeed remember Vocal-Eyes, although I used it a few years prior to 2003 at a Jesuit college I attended which is no longer in existence. Vocal-Eyes was a great screen reader though. I can remember I had an Audapter speech box and how cool it was playing with all the parameters. I cannot remember what make the computer was, but obviously I used DOS. It is indeed amazing to think how far we’ve come in terms of assistive technology. Happy 4/1/13 to Serotek!


Blog comment: Aleeha Dudley

Wonderful podcast as usual! Let’s see: cn 2003 I was 10 years old and used borrowed computers running Windows XP. I used a Braille N’ Speak in classes and that was the extent of it. I now own a Windows 7 Dell laptop, an iPhone, iPad mini, iPod Shuffle, BrailleNote Apex, BookSense and Brailliant display. Thank you Apple for not staying in the accessibility dark ages. I don’t know what I’d do without my Apple stuff. 🙂 Once again, a great podcast as always and I look forward to more awesome content from the SeroTalk team!<


Guided By Touch: Indianapolis Museum of Art Tours

Google Glass Early Adopters Want To Build Learning, Healthcare, Accessibility & Safety Apps

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