SeroSpectives: This Month in Tech for March, 2013

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About Our Presenters

Anna Dresner has written a number of publications for National Braille Press, and is perhaps best known for her work on the books about the iPhone. She also provides part-time technical support for BARD. She homeschools her son, and does a children’s show on Mushroom FM. When she can, she enjoys squeezing in some time for singing and guitar and flute playing. You can email her or follow her on Twitter.

Erin Edgar is a lawyer currently working for Legal Aid, which is a non-profit lawfirm that assists low-income clients with various issues. She and her husband, Rodney, co-host a podcast called Tech Access Weekly which focuses on news and events  in assistive and mainstream technology. She also co-hosts the Book Hoarders Annonymous Podcast, which is dedicated to book lovers of all persuasions. Follow her on Twitter, or reach her via email.

Allison Hilliker lives in Tempe Arizona, and has a bachelor’s degree in women’s studies from Arizona State University West. She currently works for Benetech, the nonprofit company that runs Bookshare. She has worked there for over five years in the collection development department. When she’s not working, Allison does assistive technology related podcasts on the Blind Access Journal website. The site covers a variety of tech topics, but it has a strong focus on iOS devices. You may email Allison, or follow her on Twitter.

General Computing

Dropbox 2.0 brings functional drop-down menus to Mac and Windows

Windows Blue confirmed as Microsoft hints at yearly updates

Mike Calvo appears on the Wall Street Journal’s Lunch Break Live

The Court of Public Opinion is Not the Last Resort


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Mobile Technology

A keyboard that rises up from flat touch screens

Talkback v3.0 released

Apple introduces two-factor verification for Apple IDs

VoiceOver saved in Apple, Samsung patent battle

From National Braille Press: iOS 6 Updates

What’s New in iOS6?


What, exactly, WiFiSLAM is, and why Apple acquired it.

Navigating Your Environment Using Sight Compass

Assistive Tech

The passing of Mark Marvel

American Foundation for the Blind Introduces Described TV Listings

Live from CSUN 2013: Serotek brings opinions and interviews.

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