SeroTalk Podcast 138: Facebook In Need of a Fist

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 138: Facebook In Need of a Fist

Lisa Salinger joins Jamie Pauls and Joe Steinkamp as they discuss this week’s crop of stories, including the big one that prompted the title of this podcast. Finally, Joe and Jamie have a surprise for those who listen in past the credits at the end.

New Facebook Graph Search gives users power to slice and dice info from friends

How Facebook Graph Search Can Help Journalists

How The New Facebook Search Is Different & Unique From Google Search

Why Facebook doesn’t need its own phone

Microsoft Office 2013: What to expect on the pricing front

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is expected to arrive in ‘weeks’

Microsoft’s Surface needs a reboot: Here’s how

Another top retail executive leaves as Apple looks for new head

Specs leak: BlackBerry 10 L-Series shows multiple variants, decent horsepower

RIM Attracts 15,000 Apps For BlackBerry 10 In 2 Days

A User’s Perspective on the Insignia Narrator Talking HD Radio

UEB & You: What You Need to Know About Unified English Braille

Nexus 7 Screen Protectors Survey

Verizon Wireless Introduces Mobile Accessibility App For Customers Who Are Visually Impaired

Mobile Accessibility Survey

Book Review: All You Need and Want to Know about iMessaging

HIMS is Pleased to Release Sense Notetaker v7.0 patch 2 featuring Support for Learning Ally

Download KeySoft 9.2.2 today!

2013 Rose Parade with Audio Description Now Available for Download

ZoomText 10.06

J-Say 11

Time to enroll in CAVI courses


From Mike Arrigo:

Great show as always.

Skype on the Mac is much more accessible than in windows. It has built in features to notify you of things such as receiving messages and when contacts sign in and out. The chat window is an html view so it’s fully accessible. I’ve merged my messenger and skype accounts, and I think this is a great thing. I don’t think text chat is dead yet, just like on a mobile phone, if you want to tell someone something very quickly, text messaging is quicker, and it also allows you to multitask and do other things while having an on going chat.

Regarding the iphone for straight talk, you have to pay full price for the phone I think. I wonder if it’s unlocked. I sure hope so, to pay the price they are charging for a phone that is locked is nothing but a rip off.

Regarding blackberry 10, I wonder if that will be accessible or if it will join the ranks of windows phone 8.

I agree with Ricky about the specialized smart phone. There’s simply no reason for that. The main stream phones that are available are accessible, assuming they use an accessible platform. People need to bite the bullet and learn how to use them the same as everyone else.


From: Ali


I enjoyed listening to podcast 137. You guys provided a good perspective.

As far as backing up an iOS device, I still prefer backing up in iTunes, that way, you are certain all your content is completely backed up, and software updates are quicker.

Is there a difference between the Mac and windows version of iTunes? I have only used the Windows version.

Best regards, Ali


1928 video of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, captioned and audio described

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  1. Jake Joehl says:

    Hello Serotalk. Hopefully this comment will go through this time. But anyway talking of audio, there was actually an audio posting of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech in its entirety over on the AFB blog. Not sure if it’s still available as I haven’t checked their archives lately, but it was awesome actually hearing the man himself recounting that wonderful dream he once had. If only he was still with us! Or perhaps it’s on SAMNet now somewhere: haven’t checked since I only came back on here last week. Speaking of SAMNet, I absolutely love all the audio stuff on here. It’s so much fun going back in time and listening to those old relics. For example, I have often thought about playing some of the historic speeches for the History Club that meets here in my apartment building. I would of course not copy it in any way shape or form, but if friends and neighbors could just gather ’round the computer and have a listen, that would be great! So thanks bunches for all that cool audio-memorabilia, and keep it coming!

  2. Sue says:

    Hello. Love the podcasts as usual. Jamie, you mentioned that you have a drawer filled with floppy disks, and so do I, Well a few months back I got a windows7 computer and love it. Well I do have a lot of stuff on floppy disk about 40 of them.I needed an external one and I got one on Amazon the HDE external floppy disk drive was I think around 10 dollars or so. I just installed it and it is quite easy to use. It comes with a small disk and some paper instructions, but for me I plugged it in to one of the usb ports on the computer and it just works. So thought I would recommend it it for anyone who still has a bunch of floppy disks around and still use them.

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