High Contrast Episode 7: A Sea of Mirrors

Listen to High Contrast Episode 7: A Sea of Mirrors

Welcome back to the show! This episode finds Rodney and Jeremy teaming up  with Joe on board [now batting for the absent Maurie]. Don’t worry, she’ll be back with us on our next show! However, it works out great as Jeremy and Joe have been living in Windows 8 for more than a year. So they have lots to talk about in regards to the new Microsoft Operating System from the low vision perspective. We also talk new iPads and Joe has another review of a game for iOS.

A great place to learn more about Windows 8, and a lot more about Microsoft in general, is the Windows Super Site

You can always learn about the latest in the iPad by going to Apple’s web site

Learn about the levels of access on iOS, and they have some great podcasts too, over at Apple Vis.

Check out more about the accessibility of mobile devices in the second of the SPN mobile Device specials

Joe loves Punch Quest for iOS and he thinks you might feel the same. It is free and has In App purchases.

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