2013 Rose Parade with Audio Description Now Available for Download

Listen to the 2013 Rose Parade with audio description

What could possibly be better than a parade? How about a parade with audio description? Can it get any better than that? As a matter of fact, it can. On January 1 of this year, the Los Angeles Radio Reading Service planned to provide two live streams of audio description for this year’s 124th Tournament of Roses Parade. One stream was intended specifically for patrons of the reading service and the other was geared more toward people listening to the parade as their family members watched on HGTV. The SeroTalk Podcast Network intended to rebroadcast the HGTV stream on iBlink Radio, but we were unable to carry that stream at the time of broadcast. We instead carried the audio description that was heard on the Los Angeles Radio Reading Service’s regular stream. As it happened, the HGTV stream was in fact recorded, and the audio you will here in this archive is that broadcast. Whether you listened to our coverage on the day of the parade or whether you are hearing it for the first time, there is plenty for you to enjoy. Our thanks go out to all the great people who made the original broadcast and subsequent archive available to all of us.

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