SeroTalk Podcast 124: Big Ol’ Crunch

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 124: Big Ol’ Crunch

This week, Buddy Brannan joins Jamie Pauls and Ricky Enger to discuss the news of the week. Stories discussed in this week’s podcast include:

Go Daddy: Sorry about the outage. And no, it wasn’t a hack

“Six strikes” Internet warning system will come to US this year

California passes driverless car bill

Global TV shipments down again as Samsung dominates

BlackBerry sinks to zero sales in ‘a meaningful number’ of stores

iOS 6 coming Sept 19, here’s what’s new

 Apple’s era of secrecy is over

Five reasons iPhone 5 disappoints

Five great things about iPhone 5

Get your iPhone ready for iOS 6

Verizon will enable iPhone’s FaceTime on all data plans, unlike AT&T

Google VP says Apple v Samsung verdict was a “wake-up call”

Blind and online: Progress, not perfection, for visually impaired tech users

Bionic revolution: The tech getting disabled people into work

New Tips for Amtrak Travel

Working To Improve Autocorrect, An App Finds An Unlikely Audience: The Blind

What’s New in JAWS 14 Public Beta


Winner Is Served: Christine Ha Takes Top Prize on MasterChef

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One Response to SeroTalk Podcast 124: Big Ol’ Crunch

  1. Bubba says:

    Hi, don’t know why you or anyone else would go down this track of free! If something is free and it is worthwhile to you take it and don’t complain. I myself like free stuff! Why can you not have it free and educate at the same time. If Apple was to say we going to give our iphone5 free to all blind or visual impaired user I don’t think you would see a lot of people getting up and saying no we insist we pay full price for it. 600 bucks for a 16 GB iphone5 even though we could have it free and put that 600 bucks back for when we are old and need it for medical reasons or whatever. What you all are saying is not financial sound or make good financial since! JMO!

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