SeroTalk Podcast 123: Bing It On

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 123: Bing It On

Join us for another episode of the SeroTalk Podcast as Jamie Pauls, Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp tackle the top news stories of the week. After the news, Jamie Pauls and Patrick Purdue join Mike Calvo to discuss the iShower, a Bluetooth-enabled wireless shower speaker.

In The News

Amazon’s new 7-inch Kindle Fire: twice the RAM, faster processor, longer battery life, $159

Kindle Fire HD 8.9: how the new Kindle tablet compares with the competition

Amazon just put Android tablets on notice with the Kindle Fire product line

Amazon debuts new Kindle Fires, just don’t call them gadgets

The quest for the best search engine: Bing It On

Google wins patent on face-to-unlock feature

A Windows user’s life with the Mac, two months in

Nokia aims to dazzle with Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920

Nokia mangles Lumia phone launch by faking camera’s capabilities

No new Apple TV this year, report says

Apple: We didn’t pass iPhone, iPad device IDs to FBI

iPhone 5 rumor roundup

Apple claims dibs on new dock adapters, report says

The BrailleNote Battery Scandal

An indoor navigation solution for blind users? Check out Navatar

FSCast Episode 69, Augusst 2012 discusses the upcoming release of Jaws 14


AT&T to test Text-to-911 service in Tennessee

Why Remote Workers Are More (Yes, More) Engaged

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  1. Paul Warner says:

    Serotalk Podcast #123 – BrailleNote Battery Scandal

    Following remarks made by Jamie about whether the price for the service would include cleaning or servicing, I can confirm that these services were not requested and were not discussed with Humanware. I was told repeatedly that the £60 charge for one hour’s labour related only to replacement of the battery and recalibration. The word ‘service’ was never mentioned.


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