SeroTalk Podcast 125: A Different Kind of S Word

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 125: A Different Kind of S Word

Joe Steinkamp rejoins Jamie Pauls and Ricky Enger for this week’s podcast where they continue the discussion of iOS 6, iPhone 5 and much more including some items from this week’s mailbag which you can find in the show notes below.

Microsoft pushes home users toward Office subscriptions—whether they like it or not

Skype to adopt ‘Metro’ design, says report

Microsoft confirms October 25 launch for Windows 8

Microsoft CEO: Windows 8 is a Bigger Deal Than Windows 95

 Samsung Facebook stunt backfires, promotes iPhone 5

Samsung mocks iPhone 5 fanboys

The Next Big Thing is Already Here — Samsung Galaxy S III

iPhone 5 review: Finally, the iPhone we’ve always wanted

iOS 6: The must-have update you’ll barely notice review

What can you say to Siri in iOS 6?

AT&T CEO: iPhone 5 may be so popular, people will pay full price

Apple Makes Last Minute Accessibility Fixes to the App Store Ahead of iOS 6 Release

★ A First Look at VoiceOver in iOS 6

Blind Bargains: What’s new in iOS 6 from an Accessibility Perspective

Team-FM has an iPhone app

StationPlaylist Scripts V5 now available


From: Jason Kistler


Was listening to the most recent podcast and Jamie mentioned he never received push notifications for his gMail account.  I just thought I would write

in to say that in order for this to happen you would need to set up the exchange functionality of gmail on the iphone which is done by:

1. Select exchange as the email type

2. Use full email address for username and normal email password

3. Use for the name of the exchange server and no domain

Hope this is helpful….

Jason Kistler

From: Lisa Larges

Hi All,

I love your show, but just have to pop up with a comment about discounts extended to blind persons, like the Amtrak discount you mentioned,  or the occasional

freebee, such as the free pass to a local event for blind individuals that you also referenced.

I’m really sympathetic to the points you all made about how these kind of gestures can serve to entrench the stereotype that blind people need a handout,

and that it could be much more beneficial to put that money toward building in accessibility and even in to hiring more blind and disabled people.

But along with those important points I think it also needs to be acknowledged that these small benefits – a discount here, or a free pass there – can

still make a big difference to lots of blind people who simply don’t have the money to pay full price.

Unemployment and under employment for blind and low vision folks is still extraordinarily high. In addition, we all know that there’s lots of hidden costs

that come along with being disabled, and they can add up pretty fast!

So while some of us have the financial resources to pay up, there’s a lot of us who still struggle to make ends meet, and  a 15% discount on Amtrak can

help out just a bit;  and while a free admission can seem patronizing and unnecessary, it still could provide a day of enjoyment that wouldn’t otherwise

be available to a good number of us.

I think that to a certain degree our blind community tends to be very aspirational – we work hard and we’re motivated to succeed; the drawback is that

we can sometimes fail to acknowledge that lots of us still live in poverty. I want to make sure we don’t promote a two tiered system with employed blind

and low vision folks on one end, and poor and struggling blind and low vision folks on the other. When we talk about our community and what could benefit

us, I think it really pays to remember that lack of money is a very significant factor for lots of us, and maybe even a majority of us.

The long term goal is reducing misconceptions and having more and more blind folks working at jobs that match their skills and abilities, but in the short

term, I am uneasy with discouraging the occasional discount or freebee even if some of us are fully able to pay full price.

Plenty of well-to-do seniors line up outside of restaurants to take advantage of the “early bird special”. I don’t begrudge them that, especially when

I know that for some seniors, that extra $5 off can really help out.

I hope that when discussions about discounts, or about the price of technologies etc., comes up, that among the other good points that need to be made,

you also include the point that lots of blind and low vision folks still struggle economically,.

Ok, and now I’m stepping down off of my high horse – it was getting chilly up there anyway!

Thanks for a great show, I’m a loyal listener, and love iBlink Radio too!


Going blind in a digital world: The road to reclaiming my web sight

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