Rwf27: A Conversation with Mike Brown

Listen to RWF 27: A conversation with Mike Brown This week my guest is strength and conditioning coach Mike Brown. Mike has spent the past decade splitting time between coaching in the weight room and on the field. After graduating from the University of Utah, Mike went to work for Dan John at Juan Diego Catholic High School. Mike’s main focus these days is on strength and longevity training for the nine-to-five-er and the aging population. He trains clients at Age Performance, a facility for adults fifty and older, in Salt Lake City. He also co-founded Find Time for Health  with Breaking Muscle coach, Marc Halpern. Mike continues to train daily with Dan John and the Westridge Barbell Club community where Dan has named him Director of Programming. Some of the topics we discuss include: ul> 
* How they came up with the idea
* Spreading the word to the rest of the world
* Mike’s backround
* Meeting Dan John
* Training seniors Vs high school atheletes
* “park bench” vs “bus bench” workouts
* Discussing Dan’s programs
* Why its so hard to get people to grasp the simpelest things
* You have got to give a program time to see if it works for you
* Practical strength
* A great coach will  acknowledge his mentors
* back to the “Intentional Community”

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