Listen to RWF 20: Mike Katz

Listen to RWF 20: Mike Katz Mike Katz  is truly  a man with a big heart.  He did not make it in bodybuilding without a serious effort.  As he trained for his competitions, he worked as a high school teacher. He always had his eye on the top prize in the  sport and his unwillingness to give up on that quest  served to inspire everyone he came in contact with from his students to his fellow competetors. From humble beginnings in his basement gym to the NFL to his teaching career to his partnership in a chain of successful health clubs, this giant of a man has never lost sight of what  is really important in his life.   Some of the topics we cover in this lengthy and inspiring interview include:

* His early training
* Squatting with no squat racks
* His  early bodybuilding compatitions
* College scholarship offers
* Playing for the New York  Jets
* An offer from the WWF
* Why he left the A.A.U.
* Losing to Lou Ferrigno in ‘74
* His teaching career
* From World Gym to Planet Fitness
* Mike’s thoughts on Crossfit

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