DocuScan Plus V3.0 is Here and It’s Brought Discounts!

After extensive development and excellent feedback from the community, we’re ready to unveil the final release of DocuScan Plus V3.0 for Windows and Mac! Already the most affordable assistive technology OCR package in the industry, we’re saving you even more money in the month of July. Keep reading for details.

What is DocuScan Plus?

DocuScan Plus, or DSP, is your affordable gateway to the written word. There are excellent mobile apps that let you snap pictures of items to read text, and while amazingly convenient, you sometimes need the efficiency of a dedicated computer app to consume books, brochures, bank statements, manuals, and important documents without fretting over camera views and proper angles.

Every technology has a time and place. With DSP, we’ve taken what you know about using a computer and created an intuitive means of converting print to spoken audio. Each upgrade brings a new wave of features and improvements.

Introducing DocuScan Plus V3.0

Is the new upgrade worth it? Well, check out these new features:

  • You can count on clearer text results with the help of an updated OCR engine.

    • With the new DSP, it’s possible to grab your favorite bestseller from Bookshare right from within the DSP application.

      • Rely on nimble navigation of large files with better heading detection and place marking.

        • Speaking of large files, launching and navigating PDF files is now a breeze.

          • Want to convert between formats? We heard you, and now you can convert text to DAISY, MP3, or Braille, and store them in the cloud; formats include: .epub, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .html

            • Now it’s even easier for you to open image files, including: .jpg, .png, .tiff, .gif, .bmp

              • Why launch an OCR application and then open a file when you can open files in DSP directly from Windows Explorer?

                • Do you find yourself switching between Mac and PC? Well, you’ll be pleased to know there’s now better consistency in functionality and UI between the Windows and Mac versions of DSP.

                  • Don’t you hate it when other OCR products make you put your screen reader of choice to sleep? We’re partial to System Access, but we know you may disagree so feel free to use DSP in conjunction with the Windows screen reader you prefer.

                    • The new DSP comes with OCR for other languages, including: Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (including Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish

                    Download the Windows installer here.

                    Download the OSX installer here.

                    A Month of Discounts

                    OpenBook and Kurzweil 1000, the other OCR options, cost $995. To each his own. At Serotek we work hard at developing solid performers without breaking the bank. The regular price for DSP is $299, and unlike our competition, we even give you payment options to make our lower price even easier to digest.

                    But, wait; in this month of July, we’re going to sweeten the pot even further.

                    Get your copy of the new DSP for only $249! Ready? Get the installers for your PC or Mac.

                    Can we do better? You betcha! Because you can get the new DSP for only $199 if you also take advantage of our discount on System Access.

                    Through the month of July, get your copy of System Access for only $299. At home, in school, and on the job, System Access is your key to popular applications. System Access Standalone lets you install full versions of the software on two computers. Stay on top of your e-mail inbox. Take control of PowerPoint presentations. Balance spreadsheet records. Read and write comprehensive reports, and navigate the web with the confidence of a seasoned professional. It’s your digital life after all. Own it!

                    In short, you get two great products for $498.

                    Accessibility Really is Anywhere

                    So, let’s recap up to this point. DSP normally costs $299. Right now you can purchase it for $249. If you also want to buy System Access, you can own it now for $299, 25% off the normal price, which also means you can buy DSP for $199. Remember this is only good through July 31.

                    Surely it can’t get better than this? Actually, it can, because you do remember our kitchen sink deal, right?

                    Accessibility Anywhere is the perfect toolkit for a balanced life of work and play on your Windows machine, Mac and iOS devices. Pick and choose from the growing features of a screen reader, an OCR app, and a combined social network and multimedia library to stay on top of your job and special interests no matter where you are.

                    Subscribe to Accessibility Anywhere for $21.95 a month or $240 a year. Remember as part of your subscription, you do not pay separate for the new version of DocuScan Plus V3.0. It’s already a part of your subscription plan!


                    Leave us a comment or get in touch with our helpful technical support staff.

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3 Responses to DocuScan Plus V3.0 is Here and It’s Brought Discounts!

  1. Betty Gray says:

    I have a question. I do not own a flat bed scanner. Can I still use DSP3? I know its a great product as are all of the Serotek suite of products for the consumers it serves.

  2. mattc says:

    Hi Betty. Even if you don’t own a flatbed scanner, you can still use the other features of DocuScan Plus, like processing PDF documents, getting books from Bookshare, converting documents from other formats, and even taking pictures of printed documents using the HoverCam T5V Document Camera. So there’s still quite a bit you can do with the product even without a scanner.

  3. Mary Emerson says:

    I downloaded this last week and immediately noticed how quick it is, especially with BookShare downloads and file conversions, except MP3 files take a while to build, but that’s fine; and I have a slow DSL connection, but DSP3 is still fast! I fell in love with this product the day I grabbed it. It’s worth every cent, and more! Thank you Serotek!

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