RWF 6: Nutrition Talk with Brooks Kubik

Listen to RWF 6: Nutrition Talk with Brooks Kubik

This week’s show focuses on nutrition. In response to numerous readers’ questions on such topics as food allergies and elimination diets I brought in my good friend Brooks Kubik to discuss some of his personal research.

Brooks Kubik is one of the most prolific authors in Physical Culture.

Brooks has been training for over 45 years and has demonstrated time and again, by using his own body that his training and nutrition methods work! Brooks is a multi-time state and regional powerlifting champion and has set over a dozen national and world records in the bench press. All as a drug tested athlete!

Brooks has also authored numerous articles featured in many of the industry’s leading publications. He has two dozen books, courses and DVDs to his credit. Brooks and his beautiful wife, Trudi live in Louisville, Kentucky, where they promote sustainable living practices, enjoy a healthy, super-nutritious, all-natural diet, (much of which they grow themselves) and together they run the Dinosaur operation.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Adkins before Adkins
  • Cancer is a disease of civilization
  • Forgotten nutritional research
  • It was good for you, it was bad for you, and it’s good for you again
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Hidden allergies and elimination diets
  • Mental illness and food sensitivities
  • Organic food…nothing new
  • Not everything has to be organic
  • It’s not that much more expensive
  • Its only expensive if you buy from “big organic”
  • Support local farmers and growers

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Bill's lengthy career in the health and fitness world has spanned nearly 40 years. Starting with a summer job helping out In the gym he attended. Bill owned his own very successful gym in south florida for close to 20 years as well as working as a massage therapist, personal trainer, bodybuilding coach and fitness event promoter. Bill has had numerous articles published both in the fitness and professional wrestling industrys. 2014 was a busy year for Bill. He started his morning exercise program on, launched his own website and was the featured guest on a half dozen internet shows. With the launch of the Real World Fitness Podcast Bill intends to further spread the health and fitness messege that has been the prime focus of his entire life!
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  1. ron fellows says:

    I would love to talk some time, I just moved to Port st Lucie fl near West palm. I just started power lifting and I to am blind sence 2001 and just turned 50. I also do the drug tested meets and trying to figure out the nutrission part of the game, boy O boy, I think it is the hardest part of training. I would love to hear some training tips from you I know no other blind power lifter so if you have any training methods other than what I am doing I would love to use it to my addvantage.

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