High Contrast Episode 21: Tangent Mode On!

Listen to High Contrast Episode 21: Tangent Mode On!

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Rodney, Byron and Maurie spoke about the joys, or perhaps lack there of, for low vision users in iOS 7 a few episodes ago. Well, in honor of the recently released iOS 7.11 and joe having a spiffy new iPad Air, the team has reconverged to discuss the latest iOS and its changes made to better aid those with vision impairments. They’ll also talk “Growing up Fisher”, canceled by NBC not too long after the show was recorded, plus the typical unexpected topics that can be so magical on a show like ours.

Here are some things that came up in conversation….

BBC News – Glow in the dark road unveiled in the Netherlands

Rodney mentioned the 8 Bit Classic from Activision. All hail “Enduro’!

Recommended by Byron, Luke and carrie’s “Bad Report” Podcast

Confused about what Ringtone Rodney helped accidentally create? Well, check out the Out Cast for 2012 to hear it in context.

And download it for your very own

App Review: Star Wars Assault Team

Speaking of that new iPad Air, although this game is also on Windows Phone and Android as well, Joe is playing what amount’s to a strange mix of a card battler with a turn by turn RPG set in the Star Wars universe. It’s a free title, however, it will force [ha ha force!] you to consider handing over money at somepoint midway through the game. All your SW Regulars are there with Han, Luke, Chewie and so many Droids. It’s a fun romp, its free and it is great for killing time while waiting in the burger line for lunch.

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