SPN Special: 2012 Outtakes

Listen to our SPN Special: 2012 Outtakes

In 2012 the team at SPN brought you over 120 hours of audio. That’s right. News, reviews, interviews, convention coverage and more. More than 120 hours

of stuff. And while we are very proud of what we accomplished, we are even more proud that it had very few errors or mistakes in all that amazing wonderful

content. Or so we thought. You see, while you the listener may not have heard all those hours of content, our fantastic audio production guys have heard

it all. In fact, they’ve heard it even more than those of us who spoek on the various podcasts on SPN because they have the unenviable task of making us

all sound … well just awesome. We would be so lost without them! But they do this herculean effort show after show, month after month, with the sheer driving

force in the knowledge that they get a show all to their own that demonstrates the plight of the audio editors. And today, gulp, we bring you this show.

As you know, a vary famous Klingon proverb says that “revenge is a dish best served cold”. It can be very cold… in an outtakes show.

Please let us know what you think in the comments section below, write us on Twitter or drop us a voice message in iBlink Radio’s iReport. Thanks to our

unsung audio team and thank you as always for listening to us in 2012!

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5 Responses to SPN Special: 2012 Outtakes

  1. paul michael faucheux says:

    hi this is paul from hammond louisiana just wanted to say that yall have some verry funny podcasts. i especially liked podcast on windows 8 in witch you refer to narrator in windows 8 as a chrome over that just made me laugh!!!!!

  2. Sue Ward says:

    I loved the outtakes so much that I laughed so hard I had to do it in two parts. I could not stop laughing, the stuff that was played just made it so funny, oh it was jus ttoo much in a good way. I think it really should be done weekly meaning if all of the podcasts had really good outtakes during that week you could have a good show weekly with all of the stuff that happened during that particular week then we can keep on laughing through the year.

  3. Lou Kolb says:

    Hi guys. The outtakes show was terific! I thoroughly enjoyed all of it but “here’s where we wait for Joe” was positively brilliant! Cudos to Patrick and thanks to all of you for your hard work.

  4. MILES RAINES says:

    I THI THINK SEROTEK”‘s the best. i listen to your podcasts all the time.

  5. Russell says:

    Thank you so much for taking time to publish “SPN Special: 2012 Outtakes | SeroTalk” lehelmakara .
    Thank you so much again -Bill

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