SeroTalk Podcast 195: Information Wants to be Free

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 195: Information Wants to be Free

There is a lot to talk about on this week’s podcast. Jamie, Ricky and Joe break it all down for you. Then, Lisa interviews one of the developers of the incredibly popular iOS app DiceWorld As always, your feedback brings it all together, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

The Big Story

Heartbleed: How It Works

The 5 Things To Do About the New Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now

The Programmer Behind Heartbleed Speaks Out: It Was an Accident

Why is Heartbleed called Heartbleed?

Heartbleed’s lesson: Passwords must die

Welcome to the Post-XP world, but how on earth did we get here?

Microsoft is Still Making Security Updates for Windows XP, But You Can’t Have Them

A T Talk

CSUN: Is It Still the Definitive Access Technology Conference?

SPN Special: Maximizing Potential with Mainstream and Assistive Technologies

CSUN 2014 HIMS Special – Notetaker or iPad: Is It The Wrong Question?

From Applevis: Comparing iOS Devices with Braille Notetakers

From The Tech Doctor: Comparing iOS Devices and Notetakers

Fedora Outlier Announces The Mac Master Series

The popular TapTapSee App is now available for Android

Mainstream Matters

Zombies, Run! | New in Season 3: Player Choice!

Skype TX: Microsoft Targets Broadcasters

Google making Glass available to the masses for one day only


From Kelley Armstrong

Hi, my name is Kelley Armstrong and I live in Texas. First I just want to say I look forward to hearing the serotalk podcast and the three of you do a good job. Now I liked the operating system of windows XP but I have learned windows 8 and games are something I enjoy too. I play all the blind gamers games on my windows 8 laptop without any trouble at all. I do have a windows vista laptop I don’t use it I let my dad have it. I don’t think any of you will believe it but I recently just chunked an old desktop computer that ran windows XP and I have still in my possession a year 2009 dell net book running XP and to be frank I am fearful of turning it on and I am not even sure it can be upgraded to either vista or seven or eight. On a net book everything is external that’s why I don’t think it can be upgraded and no love lost too many security risks. I use an ipad two as my main computer I send and recieve email and do facebook. I go online and shop and check prices and read newspapers, listen to pandora radio and I play games and I like to listen to I blink radio and look at blind bargains. I like my windows eight laptop but if Mack computers weren’t so expensive I wouldn’t mind being a Mack user I built my life in IOS and I love it. I could live with or without a windows computer but if my ipad two were to quit on me I think I would go crazy. I am seeing hiccups in voice over and touch screen issues as my ipad is aging. I am finding my ipad not as snappy as it was when I got it and it was new. It’s a bit sluggish and I don’t know if it’s normal or not. I just think it’s amazing how far computers and technology have come and revolutionized the lives of blind people in general. In the education of blind children and the what use to be hard can and hopefully is easier to teach blind children. I was just starting out in elementary school in the year 1993 and the school really didn’t know what to do with me so they stuck me in the life skills class where mentally impaired and the kids in wheelchairs who cannot talk or comprehend what’s going on. I was neglected by the teachers because at first I didn’t learn abc’s and 123’s like every other five year old kid. Nope I was being told to feel of feathers and button buttons and zipping zippers until my dad threw a walleyed fit and it took a lot of badgering and griping but finally they got the technology and the resources to teach me braille.

From Kelsey Trevett:

Hi SeroTalk gang, I was listening to podcast 194 and had to input my thoughts into a couple of discussions you had on that episode. In particular, your chat about Windows 8,1 (update 1) and the Amazon Fire TV. Windows 8,1 update 1 has been anticipated by techie people for a while now… I mean a long while. Personally, I’ve been a user of Windows 8,0 from day 1 (literally) and so have seen it’s growth and development since October 2012. Windows 8,1 was a welcome update to Windows 8; many of my personal complaints were dealt with and some features were added (AKA put back). Update 1 (or spring update, etc) didn’t bring a huge change to the OS.
Yes, the search and power options controls came to the Start Screen – something Windows’ users have been begging for since it’s launch in 2012 – but apart from that and some minor changes, it seems a rather insignificant update. Sure, there are plenty of small fixes and changes which I’m not complaining about but I can’t see much (as a JAWS user) that really caught my eye (excuse the pun). As you rightly said, I think this is Microsoft’s attempt to back-pedal furiously into what they hope are the open arms of consumers. Unfortunately, I feel that it is too little, far too late. Windows 8 has got itself a reputation and it’s going to be pretty much impossible for Microsoft to shift it. As for the Amazon Fire TV (does it burst your TV into flames?) I have other thoughts. It is great that Amazon have come into the streaming market via the TV; they’ve had very similar services on their Kindle Fire line of products for quite some time now. What I did notice is the inability to access Amazon Music services from the device which is quite a big flunk on Amazon’s part. If you live in the Amazon eco system, you want it all, not just bits and pieces of the world you live in, right? Additionally, I read several articles from Twitter verifying my own fears – the device scores a 0 when it comes to accessibility.
There is no screen reader built-in to the system. This doesn’t leave me without hope; I’m sure that if we petition for long enough (as we did for iOS and Android app accessibility and Fire tablet access too), access to Fire TV will come. I’m not a person who believe wholly in fighting my way to the end; a peaceful approach is more my style. The missing accessibility is possibly for the reason I’ve come up with: “blind people don’t watch TV, do they? Really, they can’t see it!” I loved the April Fools edition of SeroTalk, Triple Click Home and That Android Show; I thought they were great fun and that a great laugh was had by all. Thanks for reading and bring on podcast 200!!!

Kelsey London, England, UK

And another from Kelsey:

Hi SeroTalkers, It’s Kelsey again – remember me? I was the one with the new Nexus 7 and I was diving in from iOS to Android. Well, after a few more months, I thought I’d send another email letting you know how it’s been going with the Nexus 7. I’ve now had the Nexus 7 for four months and am thoroughly enjoying the experience. Surprisingly, I’m finding it strangely easy to live in the Apple, Android and Windows universes all at once! It is easy to know when to use what for checking Twitter, reading emails, etc. The Nexus 7 is my desk device – the device that primarily lives on my desk and occasionally ventures out and about with me. I have done a lot more exploration of Android; I’ve tried some new apps, launchers and other such things. The Nexus 7, for me in any case, has become easier to use the more I get used to Android and the way it works. I’ve changed Talkback to single-tap selection, finding this method easier and more productive. Additionally, I’ve changed more Talkback settings to make it more of the experience that I desire and want from Android. My thoughts on Android haven’t changed although some new ones have come to me during these last months. I’ve found my own way of looking at Android – whatever you want from it, it can provide. You do have to put the effort in though – look for the apps / launchers / keyboards etc; do the research to find out how to perform a task; work out all the sneaky cheats with Talkback and other such things you may want to know. The operating system has a great interface; no customisation is required if the user doesn’t want to. The UI is simple and easy to use and so I feel Android is a good option for pretty much anybody, however good or bad their computer skills may be. My other thought with Android (as I have said before) is to remember that it isn’t going to explode in your hand. This mental advice has been ringing in my head quite a lot recently when fiddling with settings and the like. The device isn’t just going to explode, or fall apart, or whip out an evil hand and hit you round the face for pressing the wrong button. People need to be adventurous IF THEY WANT TO BE. There was no legal document that came with the tablet when you bought it that said: I agree that I have to change ten settings every day or else the evil NexusBot will come and kill me. No, no such obligation was agreed to. Therefore, you can change as much or as little as you choose. Thanks for reading and I hope my new experiences and thoughts will help new users of Android and people thinking of taking the plunge; it is well worth it.

Kelsey London, England, UK

Blog Comment From Dominique

Hey guys, just listened to the April Fools podcast, and also podcast 194. Good job guys, that was awesome. Just a thought, to see how it would sound, you guys should do the next one in complete 8k AM radio form. Deric, and Patric would be good at making a small segment sounding like that, reminds me of the guy that Deric made sing on that one beat and got played on the AM radio station, all by axidant that one time… Keep it up guys! Pease!


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