SeroTalk Podcast 194: The Backpedal Edition

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 194: The Backpedal Edition

Join Jamie, Ricky and Joe as they reconvene after a bit of an absence to discuss the top news stories of the week. Following the news, we bring you one last interview from CSUN as Joe visits with Chet of Ability Magazine about all they have to offer.

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If you missed last week’s HadleySchool seminar by ricky Enger on exploring the Socializer, catch the archive here.

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iBeacons and airports: Results from a real-world test

inMarket lets specific brands, not just retailers, target shoppers using iBeacons in-store

United Nations uses iBeacons to simulate a minefield & raise awareness at NY museum


From Brett:

Hi SeroTalk.

I was listening to podcast 191, and I wanted to comment on some reasons I believe so many people are still using Windows XP. First, I’ll cover some reasons why some blind users still insist on using XP. Games (such as those written by Robert Betz don’t run on more modern operating systems. Other games (such as Grizzly Gulch and Chillingham from Bavisoft) will work on newer operating systems, but users who run them on a modern OS will experience stability issues.

The biggest reason why people (both blind and sighted) insist on staying with XP in my opinion is that they simply don’t believe/understand the security risks. Some users feel that Microsoft is simply trying to snatch their money by scaring them, and that as long as antivirus software is supported, everything will be fine. Also, I believe that more computer users then we might expect don’t understand the importance of Windows Update and the security patches Microsoft releases for supported operating systems. There you have the reasons I was given by friends and family members still insisting on using Windows XP. I’ve done my best to encourage my friends and family members to upgrade. Sadly, some XP users will likely have to face the consequences of staying on XP after support ends, not upgrading until after they’ve experienced malware and data theft. XP’s popularity will then sink, just as WINDOWS 98’s did. I hope you’ve found these comments useful, and thanks for producing such a great podcast.


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Wheelchair Users Can Go Down Stairs with New Invention

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  1. Dominique says:

    Hey guys, just listened to the April Fools podcast, and also podcast 194. Good job guys, that was awesome. Just a thought, to see how it would sound, you guys should do the next one in complete 8k AM radio form. Deric, and Patric would be good at making a small segment sounding like that, reminds me of the guy that Deric made sing on that one beat and got played on the AM radio station, all by axidant that one time… Keep it up guys! Pease!

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