SeroTalk Podcast 154: Webmind Is Coming

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 154: Webmind Is Coming This week, Joe Steinkamp is joined by Ricky Enger and Buddy Brannan in a discussion of the top news stories of the week. Then, Jamie Pauls visits with Boaz Zilberman about RAY, an Android-based smartphone accessibility solution coming to the United States in June of this Year.

Internet Taxation Coming Soon to a Link Near You Syria cut off from the Internet once again No joke: The Onion tells how Syrian Electronic Army hacked its Twitter Twitter API v 1 retirement date extended to June 11 Don’t throw dirt on the grave of Windows 8 just yet Microsoft confirms public preview of Windows 8 in late June What’s new about Windows Blue Windows Start button could make a comeback, Microsoft exec says Tablets devastate laptop market T-Mobile USA moves half million iPhone 5’s in first month, spurs first subscriber growth since 2009 New Apple patent suggests that future iPhones could sport invisible buttons Apple closes in on 50 billion app downloads, offers $10,000 to the person who hits it David Woodbridge: Review of the Accessible Kindle app with VoiceOver NFB Grading of Kindle Accessibility on iOS Chris Danielsen from NFB comments on Buddy’s Kindle opinion post. “Poisoning the Treaty for the Blind” Blind advocates: Hollywood lobbying threatens deal for accessible books Here is a related article from Matt Campbell about HTML5, W3C and DRM Serotek blog post: Consumer Tip: Protect Yourself from Bill Shock A user review of NVDA in the Braille Monitor: My Constant Search for Accessibility The 2013.1rc2 version of NVDA has been released [ChromeVox 27 Released! Math support, ChromeVox context menu, and more] Viber more accessible on iOS but not PC and Mac Looktel Money Reader Gains New Currencies Join CathyAnne on May 18, 4:00 PM for An Introduction to Word 2013


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One Response to SeroTalk Podcast 154: Webmind Is Coming

  1. Bubba says:

    Well, if they do MS make W8 better and where you can boot to the desktop and then live on the desktop then I will think about upgrading to W8! Now I think with the new windows tablet yes people will indeed go more to the tablets then the laptops as they just will not have the need for them. I personally thinking about getting a windows tablet that is the one running W8 on it like possible the Windows surface pro running W8 on it. As I can run JFW on it and just live on the desktop. But now that JFW is coming out with touch support for JFW in jaws15 this is even better. So I think the windows pro tablets running W8 on it will hurt Apple market on the tablet side of things. The only thing I don’t like about the surface pro is that it has only 1 USB port I would have like to see at least 2 ports and they would be 3.0 USB backward capable . Just some of my thoughts.

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