SeroTalk Podcast 153: Scan My Brain

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 153: Scan My Brain There was just a bit of excitement in the air as Jamie, Ricky and Joe recorded this week’s podcast. What sparked all the enthusiasm? If you don’t already know, stick around and you’ll soon find out. After the news, Jamie demonstrates how to send a previously-scanned document to Amazon’s Kindle app using DocuScan Plus.

Amazon Bringing New Accessibility Features to Free Kindle Reading Apps

Kindle for iOS Can Make Siri Read Your Books Aloud (Sort of)

Did you know you can send documents you’ve scanned using DocuScan Plus directly to your Kindle hardware or iOS app?

Amazon Kindle for iOS Now Accessible to VoiceOver Users by Justin Romack

National Federation of the Blind Comments on Amazon Kindle App

Amazon Kindle Accessibility: What?!

How to get the Kindle for iOS Accessibility Gestures – Quick Reference Guide

New update for Fleksy

Personality, Android and iOS

ChangeReaction 2 Is Released for Windows Operating Systems

Top Reader

Free Webinar: NetEcho by Internet Speech

Five Things I Didn’t Know About Writing a Book

iOS Success: Making the iPad Accessible, A Guide for Teachers and Parents

The Human Error with Humanware

Here are the results of a March 2013 survey of computer users with low vision conducted by WebAIM:

Freedom Scientific Announces Departure of Jonathan Mosen

Eric Schmidt Is Right, Using Google Glass Is Weird — Here’s My Experience

Google joins FIDO’s crusade to replace passwords | Security & Privacy

Google’s virtual assistant invades Siri’s turf

Microsoft ‘Mohoro’ Could Be A Whole New Way To Use Windows

Bloomberg: Jony Ive said to be considering ‘more dramatic’ changes to email and calendar amid iOS 7

How much is too much to pay for coffee with Tim Cook?


I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet

Happy birthday, Web! Public Internet turns 20

Sky News: Blind people ‘have better memories’

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