SeroTalk Podcast 136: Pretty Bluetooth Earrings

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 136: Pretty Bluetooth Earrings

In our first podcast of the new year, Jamie, Ricky and Joe ring out the old year and bring in the new with a few surprises thrown in along the way. Stories addressed in this episode include:

SeroSpectives: This year in Assistive Tech for 2012

That Android Show Episode 13: A Long Look At The Nexus 7

The 100 tech trends of 2012, ranked in order

12 Buzzwords You’ll Hear in 2013

Mossberg’s predictions. 2013: Talk Gets Cheaper, TV Gets Smarter

Android in 2013: What to expect  

Twitter Now Valued at $11 Billion, Analyst Says

Foursquare Updates Privacy Policy to Display Full Names

Apple Says ‘Do Not Disturb’ Bug to Resolve Itself on Monday, January 7th

Apple is already testing the iPhone 6 

Is Apple Plotting A Route To A Waze Acquisition? Rumours On The Road Point To Yes

iPad Mini 2 rumors have already begun to spread. Don’t expect them to die down 

What iPad Mini owners hate about the iPad Mini

The netbook may be dead, but there’s no escaping its legacy

Volunteers describe Rose Parade to blind spectators.

New York Times for iPhone Updated with Improved Accessibility

Pat Pound updates her list of 70+ accessible iPhone apps


From Mike Arigo

Hey, merry Christmas to everyone!

I also think the Kindle app needs to be accessible on all platforms, I don’t think anyone will be opposed to that. Joe is right, to say that something is accessible on the platform you use is sufficient is narrow minded to say the least.

Regarding the new mobile accessibility, about the only thing it may provide now for a jellybean user is better braille display support.

Google has released a beta of braille back that now provides grade 2 braille, so that is covered. Other than that, I can’t think of any reason to spend $100 on it. Jellybean provides everything that mobile accessibility provides. If someone still has a phone running gingerbread, it might be worth considering. Since I had purchased it previously, I tried it, the screen reader part of it does work with jellybean gestures now so that’s a good thing. I ended up uninstalling it though because it didn’t offer any advantage.

Blog Comment: Niral Sheth

ITunes 11 has some challenges.

It is impossible to get to the universal access button through the summery tab in iTunes 11.  I was on the phone with a senior level technitian for over an hour and we got no where. Finally I decided to just restore back from my previous settings.  Please get on Apple and tell them that we need to see the universal button in a easier way.<


Samsung’s latest robot vacuum could make its official debut at CES 

The Blind Dog and His Seeing-Eye Cat

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3 Responses to SeroTalk Podcast 136: Pretty Bluetooth Earrings

  1. Luis says:

    Hi all, I wanted to respond to a couple of stories you touched on.

    First about the Android Nexas 7 mic problem. The issue is still there. I tried to patch the Nexas 7 to a recorder to get the full affect of the sound for a recording. And I did so after Jelly Bean 4.2.1 came out. I thought it was the cable that I was using and traded it for another. But the same interferance was in the background. Then I listened to this podcast and was because of you Jamie, Ricky, and Joe. Did I found out the issue was within the unit not the cables. Thank you for that.

    Also would like to comment on Ricky’s pondering of how Twitter seems to be more popular with the blind community over FaceBook. I believe that the reason for Twitter being more popular with the blind then FaceBook, is because of the client. You had clients like Qwitter and now The Cube that make it easy for the blind to be on Twitter. Without any ads for us to put up with. That’s on Windows use, then you have iOS users. Who have apps that give them a similar experience. The popular app has always been TweetList but now something similar would be Twitterrific. Avoiding the default Twitter app that has more stuff for you to flick through while reading your timeline. While FaceBook has no type of client for the blind to view or reply, or post on Windows like Twitter does. Nor are any of the apps for iOS as good as the Twitter apps. Although the default FaceBook app for iOS has come far when accessability is concern. But also, and I’m not sure if I’m alone with this. But the timeline for FaceBook isn’t always consistant. You may be looking at your timeline one minute, and comeback 30 minutes later. And you’ll see some new posts mixed with the same posts you saw 30 minutes before. And at least with the mobile version of Facebook, and the FaceBook app don’t always show the same posts at the same place of your timeline.

    And perhaps it’s this that draws blind users to be more active on Twitter then on FaceBook.

    Have other comments to make on other stories. but think I went to long. Greate job starting of the new year.

  2. Sue says:

    Hello. Great podcast as usual. I would like to hear the archive of the Rose Parade since my parents and I were watching it on television, I live in San Diego CA and my parents were in town around that week enjoying their vacation. The next day we went to Pasadena to check out the floats. We went early since we have done this before this was my third time we did this since the Rose Parade floats are on display. I actually went behind the ropes and I could actually check out the flowers plus I got a braille program from the Braille Institute. Wow those floats are something else no wonder it must take a year to design all of them plus the people who are working on the float must cover up everything with flowers or some sort of dried bean or seed. So if someone could upload the archive I would love to hear that.

  3. Adrian Lerno says:

    Earrings have been around forever. Well, ok, as near as we can tell, a really really long time. The oldest known earrings are the Lunate earrings. The Lunate earrings were excavated in Ur in Mesopotamia, what is now Iraq (of all places). These gold crescent hoops are approximately 4,500 years old. The earliest designs of earrings were hoops and pendants made of precious metals, most commonly gold, and sometimes bone….

    Have a good one

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