SeroTalk Podcast 121: All About Me

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 121: All About Me

This week, Serotek’s own Matt Campbell takes a break from development and joins Jamie Pauls and Ricky Enger on the podcast. Here are links to the stories discussed in this week’s episode:

General Tech

Why passwords have never been weaker—and crackers have never been stronger


Password Safe

Cash Killers: PayPal coming to over 7 million US stores next year

For one cent a month, Amazon Glacier stores your data for centuries

Who has the better unlimited plan? Sprint vs. T-Mobile

RadioShack to launch ‘no contract wireless’ on Sept. 5, report says

Twitter Handcuffs Client Apps With New API Changes

API, ShmAPI: Still Has Many Difficulties To Overcome If It Wants To Beat Twitter

The Windows 8 ‘tutorial’ is a joke

Windows 8: It’s goodbye netbooks, hello tablets

Windows 8 Visually: Windows To Go


SPN Special: Accessibility Anywhere

Blind veterans to convene on isle

Feature Writer Alena Roberts – NBC Steps Up and Decides to Give Air Time to the Paralympics

 Verizon launches accessibility app for visually impaired

Canadian Paralympic Committee Announces Complete Broadcast Schedule of London 2012 Paralympic Games Coverage

TweetList Pro – Twitter Client


Super Egg Hunt Plus


Apple removes boy genius ads from the Web

Apple wins patent on audio, video ad skipper

Apple v. Samsung: Why is Judge Koh so angry?


This iPhone app reads your heart rate in seconds by staring at your face

Instant Heart Rate

Little Music Training Goes A Long Way

Please take this screen reader user survey and help spread the word about System Access.


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