SPN Special: Accessibility Anywhere

Listen to the audio of our SPN special: Accessibility Anywhere

View the Accessible Event archive of our SPN special: Accessibility Anywhere

Here are the links that accompanied the Accessible Event presentation of our SPN special: Accessibility Anywhere:

Our Story at Ten

Lack of Sight Doesn’t Mean Lack of vision.

System Access: the Alternative Commitment

What is the Future of Screen Readers Anyway?

” Mike Calvo at the General Session of the 47th Annual ACB Convention

” Mike Calvo Presents at the General Session of the 68th Annual NFB Convention

Remote Incident Manager

Mike Calvo reviews the iGrill.

Out of the Ghetto and into the Digital Lifestyle

Anywhere, Everywhere, That’s Accessibility

We were the first to say that Twitter would be important.

DocuScan Plus

SeroTalk Podcast Network

The Serotek Ultimatum

Rest in Peace SMA

SAMNet Vets

Anywhere, Everywhere, That’s Accessibility

First Ever Freedom Box Talk.

Please take this screen reader user survey and help spread the word about System Access.


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