SeroTalk Podcast 119: Posterior Print

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 119: Posterior Print

Jamie Pauls, Lisa Salinger and Buddy Brannan sit down together and discuss this week’s top news stories. Among other things, here are the main stories covered:


132-page internal document shows how Samsung set out to copy the iPhone pixel by pixel

Apple vs. Samsung: Influence, or Copying?

Apple freezes AppleID password resets requested over the phone

An in-depth discussion of the above story can be heard on Security Now Episode 364

New iPhone’s Bigger Screen to Have 5th Row of Homescreen Icons?

Why a longer iPhone 5 screen needs to happen

General Tech

Verizon divulges high data plans under ‘Share Everything’

Starbucks aims to take Square, digital payments mainstream

Microsoft Office 2013: Goodbye to adds-in, bring on the apps

Online Radio Service TuneIn Comes To Tesla’s Model S, Now Available On 200 Platforms

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Complete 300K Miles Without Accident, Deemed Ready For Commuting


A Ride in a Cab That’s Optimized for the Blind

Finding and Hiring a Driver

SeroSpectives Special: Mountain Lion

Super Egg Hunt Plus preordering is now live.

Christine Ha: MasterChef Contestant, Writer, and Cook

The Blind Cook – Sightless adventures of gastronomical proportions

Using your feedback to make Narrator work better with touch

A new version of Fleksy is out.


NASA: Your smartphone is as smart as the Curiosity rover

iPhone app aims to help visually impaired

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