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Michael Lauf was the former host and producer of the SeroTalk Podcast, weekly Thursday Tech Chats and the first few editions of seroSpectives. He is currently a Trade Practice Specialist with the Tri-State Better Business Bureau in Evansville Indiana.

Michael earned an Associate Degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting from Wabash Valley College in MT. Carmel Illinois in 1983 and recently began taking classes from the Cisco Vision Academy and Curtin University

He is studying Information Technology Essentials and Linux Administration, with the goal of obtaining A Plus certification in early 2013.


A member of the Serotek technical support and customer service staff, Buddy Brannan has been on the Internet for over 20 years and has had his head in computers of some kind for a bit longer than that. In 2005, he got his first Mac, when Voiceover was first introduced. He has been a ham radio operator for 25 years. In spite of all this fun he’s having with technology, it’s a pretty safe bet that any tech prediction he makes for the future will be wrong. To hear Buddy’s tech predictions and other useful information, listen to Triple Click Home, or follow him on Twitter.

Liam Erven is best known for the computer games he produces for blind users. Follow him on Twitter for the latest updates.

David Woodbridge works with Vision Australia, but is best known in the community for his thorough Mac podcasts, and contributions to the Applevis Site. Visit his podcast feed or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Kyle Kiper says:

    Hey guys, here is a link I think you’ll find interesting for general attitudes toward disabilities. Nepal is thinking about a law to help change the evidently widespread belief that disabilities are punishment for sins in a previous life. Argh. Found this story on Al-Jazeera of all places.

    Kyle in Tammpa Bay

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