High Contrast Episode 2: Me Likey Chrome

Listen to High Contrast Episode 2: Me Likey Chrome


Welcome back everyone to the newest monthly podcast on the SeroTalk Podcast network. The response to our first show has been fantastic. Rodney, Maurie and Jeremy would like to thank everyone for writing in and for listening. Speaking of SeroTalk, Joe Steinkamp drops by to hang out with the gang and discuss the pitfalls of social networking platforms this month.

Science Fiction Becoming Science Fact? The Google Autonomous Vehicles Move into The Fast Lane

Google allowed to test self-driving car on Nevada public streets

Google’s Self-Driving Car Gets a License in Nevada

Google’s self-driving car: Is this the next generation of autos?

Google Seeks Partners for Its Autos

Many car buyers show interest in autonomous car tech

How much will it cost to insure an autonomous car?

Police: Blind Driver’s Trip in Google’s Self-Driving Car Was Legal

Steve Mahan takes us on a test of the self driving car, and an autonomous vehicle can do amazing things.. like take you to Taco Bell

Sociable Notables

From CompuServe to Facebook, the definition of Social Networking has changed a lot since the mid 90’s. We discuss how each one of us approaches the issues of accessing our own social sites. Below are some of the various resources we mentioned in passing.

Easy Chirp, formerly Accessible Twitter, features page

5 Unique Ways to Use Twitter for Business

10 ways to promote your social media presence offline

10 dos and don’ts for brands on Twitter

10 quick and useful #PR tips from Twitter

7 ways to use Pinterest to promote your business

Where The Ladies At? Pinterest. 2 Million Daily Facebook Users, 97% Of Fans Are Women

Facebook addiction test shows women and young people are most at risk

Check out Maurie’s writing at the “Zoomed In” Blog

Where it all started, the Twitter feed page for SeroTalk

SPN’s own Twitter feed for “That Android Show”

SPN’s own Twitter feed for “End of Line”

SPN’s own Twitter feed for “Triple Click Home”

TweetDeck for iOS

Voice Brief for iOS

App Review: Asteroids Gunner

Joe said the 80’s Atari classic is reborn on the iPad in the new twin stick shooter “Asteroids Gunner”. There is a free version that you can try. Or, you can get a head start on your collection of power ups and add ons by purchasing the “Asteroids Gunner Plus” app instead.  

Keep Up With Our Hosts

How can you find out what our hosts are up to outside the podcast?

Follow Maurie Hill on Twitter

Check out Maurie’s writing on the AI Squared Zoomed In Blog

Follow Rodney Edgar on Twitter

Check out Rodney on the Tech Access Weekly Blog and Podcast

Follow Jeremy Curry on Twitter

You can also check out GW Micro on Twitter.

Feel free to send your feedback on this show to resources@serotalk.com. You can always find the latest on this show and others on the SeroTalk Podcast Network using iBlink Radio for your iOS device or your Android device. You can even leave us an iReport right from the iBlink app.

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