SeroSpectives: This Month in Technology for June 2012

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Brian Hartgen has been an Access Technology Consultant for the past 12 years. He has been the sole programmer on the J-Ware line of products, (J-Say, J-Tools and J-Tunes), centred around the JAWS for Windows screen-reader. He has provided training to individuals and groups on many screen-readers including JAWS and System Access. He co-owns the internet radio station, Team-FM.


You may contact him via E-mail, Twitter, or FaceBook.


Stuart Lawler is manager of the Rehabilitation Training Centre, at the National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI). The centre is based at NCBI’s Head Office, in Dublin, and Stuart coordinates and manages a diverse rehabilitative programme, which caters to people with sight loss aged 18 to 65.


As well as managing the centre and its training programmes, Stuart is responsible for research into and support of accessible mobile solutions for NCBI. He has worked extensively with mobile carriers in Ireland, to bring accessible technology to mobile handsets at an affordable cost.


He has over 13 years experience in the Assistive Technology industry, and has participated in a number of European Union funded projects with NCBI. He describes himself as a tech addict!


In his free time he enjoys reading, walking, catching up with friends, playing music, and internet radio and audio production.


Stuart lives in Dublin, with his fiancé Nadine, who will later this year represent Ireland in the Paralympic games, in London.


Contact Stewart through his website, send him E-mail, or follow him on Twitter.


Steve Nutt runs a company in the UK called Computer Room Services, which sells a wide variety of goods and services to the blind worldwide, including computer and mobile phone support and training, via phone, Skype or face to face in the UK.  He is a self-confessed geek and loves mobile communications and what they can do for the blind.  You can follow him on Twitter, send E-mail, or visit him on the web.


Léonie Watson is Director of Accessibility at Nomensa, and Chair of the British Computer Association of the Blind. She works with companies around the world to create and implement digital inclusion strategies, and she’s a W3C invited expert working on HTML5 accessibility.


Léonie is one quarter of the AccessTalk podcast (which is really just a good excuse to get together and chat about technology). According to her Twitter profile she’s also a screen reader user, book addict and tequila drinker, although you know what they say about things you read on the internet!


Follow her on Twitter, visit her website, or send her E-mail.




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Assistive TECH


JAWS 13.0.924 May update is released.


J-Say 10 is released!


NVDA 2012.2.1 Released  


In it together: NVDA gets help from Adobe on PDF compatibility

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