serotek Introduces New Ivona Voices

Are you still looking for that perfect, natural-sounding voice to read your news, email, or even your favorite novel?  The responsive, high-quality Ivona text-to-speech engine has added two more voices to it’s family of offerings, which are now available for use with Serotek products.

For just $25 per voice, you can purchase UK male and female voices Brian and Amy, American male and female voices, Eric and Jennifer, and now Kendra and Joey — two additional American voices!

Listen to a sample of Ivona Text-to-speech.


If you would like additional options, we also offer RealSpeak, Eloquence, and NeoSpeech voices. Remember, if you’d like to hear how a particular voice sounds reading your favorite text, or you want to know how responsive it is, you can access trials of these voices under the My Account option in your Serotek software. To access this area, press Modifier+F, followed by the letter A. If you have had a trial of Ivona voices previously, your trial has been reset so you’ll be able to sample all Ivona voices again.


Whether you use System Access, the System Access Mobile Network, DocuScan Plus, or all of these, the voices you select will interface seamlessly with all our products to provide you with a quality listening experience.

If you would like more information, please email us at or call us at (612) 246-4818.


The Serotek Team

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  1. Tim Sniffen says:

    I really enjoy your podcasts and use them to help keep current on trends in accessible technology! One hot topic in the tech world this week is cloud storage. Could you folks compare the accessibility features — relative strengths and weaknesses — of the new offerings from Google Drive & Microsoft Skydrive and how they compare with Dropbox for screenreader users?

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