SeroTalk Podcast 104: PetroleoLicious

Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 104: PetroleoLicious

This week, Jamie Pauls, Ricky Enger and Joe Steinkamp once again discuss the top stories of the week which include:

Social Media

Your Future Employer Is Watching You Online. You Should Be, Too.

Should I Keep My Personal and Professional Identities Completely Separate Online?

Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion, won’t cut off access to Twitter

Facebook hits a tired tech playbook: The rollup


What the Cloud Means for Data Security

 Does Your Password Pass the Test?

 RIM executive calls Google Play “chaotic cesspool”

Cell networks to form phone database to fight theft

Are Macs safer than PCs?

General Tech

Two years left of Windows XP support, Windows Vista ending Mainstream Support imminently

Iran expected to permanently cut off Internet by August

Cell Phones

Nokia building 41-megapixel phone with Windows 8?

AT&T’s iPhones: Free at last

Smartphone charging over an open fire

One-fifth of third-graders own cell phones


Hi, guys, really enjoyed the last show.  There seemed to be shock expressed that some people do not use smart phones, this was in the part when the Haven was mentioned.  Well, I suspect there are more people who want really basic phones than you may think.  I’ve been hearing the company called Consumer Cellular advertised on TV and here is a CNET review.  I do not think this trend will go away, I rather think it will increase.  Yours truly may be part of this trend, as I do not have a cell now and I’m researching.  Beth


Feature Writer Alena Roberts – The Life and Times of Joe Engressia, aka JoyBubbles

 Remind yourself to take stretch breaks with BreakTaker

Can you handle total silence?


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