Celebrate The Power Of Ten With Serotek

Serotek is having a party to celebrate our 10th birthday, and you won’t believe the gifts that we are sharing! We wish we could invite you to come in, draw you into some zany games, give you some cool party favors, and send you home full of birthday cake and wonderful memories. And except for the cake, we hope to do just that!

Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning, or you would like to find out more about us, we invite you to read our story so far by visiting the Serotek blog.

Then, join the party Thursday, February 16, from noon until 2:00 Eastern time, where members of the Serotek team will share their memories and answer questions. You can listen via the iBlink Radio app or via Accessible Event. It’s going to be an unforgettable time, and your presence will make our event really shine!

We’re talking Presence, as in be there, not presents, as in gifts. But it wouldn’t be a party without presents, would it?

For 10 days, starting February 16th 2012, Serotek software will be 10% off. That means you can purchase the amazing DocuScan Plus, the wonderful System Access, or even nab a year of the fantastic System Access Mobile Network for 10% off the regular price! You can either call Serotek at 612-246-4818 or sign into your account to order online.

Those who have any of our products will also find birthday savings with 10% off additional voices. There has never been a better time to customize your favorite Serotek Products with high-quality voices from RealSpeak, Eloquence, NeoSpeech, or Ivona.

When you purchase any of the products mentioned above, you will automatically receive your discount, and you will be entered into a drawing to win one of two pairs of Aftershokz Wraparound Sport Mobile Headphones with bone Conduction Technology; a $75 value. (Want to learn more about these cool headphones? Stay tuned to the SeroTalk Podcast for an in-depth review. Winners will be announced on This Month in Technology, which will air in early March.

We would like to give you a memento of our celebration, and encourage everyone to take a look at the nifty party favors! Visit our site today to get yours before the shady looking character from three houses down steals them all!

The Birthday Promotion is not available for the purchase of Software As A Service, Build A Bundle or any of our monthly purchase options. Please contact our Sales or Customer Service departments to learn more…


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