a Review of The XPrint Server

Listen to a Review of The XPrint Server

I’m Mike Calvo, and I’m  back this week on the SeroTalk Podcast to discuss a product, simply because it works well, and it’s easy to use.

The product we’re talking about today is by a company called  Lantronix, and it’s called the XPrint Server. The XPrint Server takes care of one thing, and one thing only. Namely, it provides access to your network printers to any iOS device on your network. So if you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, and you don’t have a printer that is specifically supported by Apple, you don’t have to. You can just plug the XPrint Server into your network, and it really is that simple. I connected the device to my network, found a note on my iPhone, double-tapped Share, and had a print copy in my hands in very short order.

The XPrint Server costs $149.00, and has been on back order ever since it has come out. If you want or need to print from your iDevice, you’ll find it’s the best $149 you ever spent. And, as always, you can find a link to it in our Show Notes.

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