On The 13th Day of Christmas, A Vision Came to Me

Listen to the 13 days of Christmas, featuring Matt Campbell and the Robot Guide Dog Orchestra

Yes, you heard right.  we have 13 days of Christmas, and the 13th day is the luckiest day of all. Why? Because beginning at midnight Eastern Standard Time on December 13, you can throw away your SMA. For just $299, get System Access Mobile, and you’ll never have to pay for an upgrade to your screen reader again!


Why choose System Access? It would take us too long to list all the ways in which System Access Mobile is a must-have, but here are 13 reasons.


  • Affordability

System Access provides intuitive and powerful access to your Windows applications without breaking the bank, and today it’s more affordable than ever.


  • Portability

With System Access Mobile, you get a license for two computers which you can manage at any time, plus a license to install System Access on a U3 thumb drive. This drive can be plugged in to provide instant access to any computer. You can also log in to http://www.satogo.com for quick and easy access from anywhere.


  • Ease of use

Have you ever wished for a screen reader that was powerful enough to handle your needs, but didn’t require a lifetime to learn? System Access Mobile is just what you’ve been looking for.


  • Magnification

System Access provides speech, along with built-in magnification up to 6X.


  • Remote Access

Pair your System Access license with a subscription to SAMNet, and you’ll be able to remotely access your licensed computers from anywhere.


  • User-managed licensing

Whenever you bring that new computer home, wouldn’t it be nice if you could install your screen reader on it at any time without involving someone else to reset your license key? With System Access, you can.


  • Support for HID-compliant Braille displays.

Just as you can use System Access from any computer without installation, you should just as easily be able to plug in your Braille display and do the same. That’s why System Access supports HID-compliant Braille displays. Click here for a list of supported displays.


  • Installation without requiring administrative access.

Sometimes you need access to a computer, and you don’t have time to cut through miles of red tape to make it happen. With System Access, you don’t need administrative privileges to use it. That means that if you have permission to use a particular computer, you don’t have to play “mother may I” to grant your screen reader permission too.


  • No modification to video display drivers.

With System Access, you can use any computer without worrying whether you’ve altered its visual appeal, as no changes are made to the video driver.


  • Portable customized settings.

No matter where you use System Access, your customized settings are automatically available to you. No need to set speech and punctuation preferences on every computer you use. Each time you run System Access, the screen reader will be configured just the way you like it.


  • Community Supported Accessible Web (CSAW)

Don’t you hate those web sites with buttons and links that are poorly labeled, or not labeled at all? Wouldn’t it be great if you could fix those sites not only for yourself, but for an entire community? With CSAW, you can do just that. Provide user-friendly labels for sites that don’t have them, and submit your work so that other members of the community can benefit as well.


  • * Automatic updates

When keeping up with version numbers and going to a web site to download the latest software loses its appeal, System Access has you covered. Whenever a software update is released, System Access will automatically update with no user intervention required.


  • Free upgrades for life.

Does all of this sound too good to be true? It’s not. And best of all, the software is continually improving but you don’t have to pay a dime to access the updates.


For more information about System Access, or to take us up on this one day offer, call us at (866) 202-0520. Or visit us on the web at www.serotek.com


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