On The Fifth day of Christmas

On the Fifthth Day of Christmas a Vision Came to Me

5 Podcast Feeds


There are currently 5 podcasts on the Serotek Podcast Network. Here is a brief description of each show, along with links to subscribe and keep up with each one.




Winner of the Blind Bargains 2010 Access Award for Best Podcast, the long running SeroTalk podcast is seen as one of the premier shows of its kind within the Blindness Community. BBC’s Ouch Blog listed SeroTalk amongst the top five access related podcasts that they recommend to their readers. SeroTalk’s unique mixture of today’s technology news ,interviews and product reviews has struck a cord with their listeners and it makes the show a “must listen” for those who want to stay up to date on current events.

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SeroSpectives is a biweekly podcast hosted on Serotek’s Accessible Event meeting platform. This show encourages interaction from a live audience. Content relevant to the topics being discussed is displayed along with the audio presentation during the live event. Audience members can ask questions of SeroSpectives guests, and can also chat with each other about the topics discussed on the show. In each podcast, the SeroSpectives team focuses on a single topic, ranging from technology to cooking to fashion.

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That Android Show

Google’s Android is taking the world of mobile devices by storm. The show   covers the changing face of Android along with providing reviews, tips and interviews of those developers who make the apps that run on Google’s mobile platform. The show airs monthly.

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Triple-click Home

Triple Click Home is the podcast for those who can’t get enough talk about their iDevices. Each month the show discusses the news, apps and events that impact the Apple user. This show runs monthly.

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End of Line

“End Of Line” is a light hearted show that celebrates the obsessive nature in all of us. Everyone has a passion for something. Food, books, music or underwater basket weaving. EOL aims to spotlight cultural touchstones and hopefully capture the trends of today while doing so. One full episode airs monthly, and occasional extras highlighting a particular topic are posted.

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