SeroTalk Podcast 75: Your Other Left

In Podcast 75, we discuss the following stories:

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, Tim Cook takes over

Text of resignation letter from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs on stage. Video Highlights

iPhone 5 to be a dual-mode ‘world phone

Apple to launch iPhone 5 in October simultaneously with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint

Rumor: T-Mobile to get iPhone 5 as well

Cheaper, 8 GB iPhone 4 to join iPhone 5

Apple seeks LTE 4G expert to ensure future iPhone carrier compatibility

Braille iPad case concept could make tablets usable for the blind

Taxi Magic iOS App for Those Using TaxiCabs

27,000 South Korean consumers sue Apple

Need to reboot or shut your Mac down in a hurry? These key-commands are worth memorizing

Nuance Acquires Loquendo

New voices from Ivona coming soon

Text-to-Speech for Firefox

Funding from Adobe and Mozilla Keep NVDA Safe from Extinction Through 2012

Tacit Project is Sonar for the Blind

Accessible Fantasy Football 2011

ACB and Google partner to offer survey on computer usage patterns

Three Accessible Twitter apps from Job Accommodation Network Newsletter

How to clean your scanner glass

17 Tips to Speed Up Windows 7

Windows 7 Images: x86 and x64 Official Direct Download Links

2011 and previous NFB Convention audio highlights

Possible Cuts to SSI Checks for Children with Disabilities

How to Apply for Disability Benefits for Children under Age 18

U.S. lawmakers alarmed over risks of insulin pump hacks

New AT&T texting plans: unlimited or nothing

Video, SMS support coming soon to emergency ‘911’ services

Facebook crime is on the rise

Facebook brings sharing and privacy settings closer to those of Google+

Think eBay is the top retail or auction site? You’re wrong!

Kibin free, online proofreading community

Great Flying site for the disabled

Airline returns man’s wheelchair in pieces

Fly first class without paying the luxury premium

Blind Behind the Wheel event

Adventures With Multiple GPS Systems By: Mike May

264 tips on traveling while blind or visually impaired from Fred’s Head

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