SeroTalk Podcast 74: That’s A Lot of Birds

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In addition to informative assistive and mainstream tech news,

Mike Calvo reviews 3 high quality and affordable pairs of headphones.

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Use links below to read more on these interesting stories:

Court Rules in Favor of JetBlue – Airline Websites and Kiosks Not Covered by State Law

Commentary: Users Must Become Their Own Advocates

Deanna Jones, Vermont law student taking the bar exam wins federal case

Accessibility issues while banking? Claims Accepted in Wells Fargo Settlement

Begin the process of filing a claim by sending your name, address, email address, and day and evening telephone numbers by email to

 or by leaving a voicemail at 866-708-1273
or via TTY at 866-544-5309

Blind woman who campaigns against nuclear weapons faces jail

Shutting Out the Blindness Community from Discussion?

Georgia Tech conducting survey on adults with disabilities in the workplace

9 Question Social Media Accessibility Survey for Residents of Quebec

Accessibility survey from eBay

New Going Blind DVDs with Audio Description and English/Spanish subtitles

blind adventurer recaps the sixth episode of ABC’s Expedition Impossible

Dennis Howard, 62 and legally blind prepares to sail the world solo

Video showing the skills of blind footballers

Interview with blind music producer Robin Millar, man behind Sade’s Smooth Operator and 43 other number one hits

Daniel Aronoff, New York’s premier blind food critic

interview with CP Lin, blind winemaker in New Zealand making Pinots and Chardonnays

City of Phoenix launches ADA Cab Program taxi vouchers for people with disabilities

Google driverless car causes five-car collision

China hot on Google’s heels with driverless car

Ford asks people to choose 1 of 4 sounds hybrids make to warn pedestrians the vehicle is near

Guides to AssistiveTechnology in K-12 Schools

Beta of Accessible Textbook Finder

LouisPlus with over 375,000 titles of accessible books has been Launched

Send web pages and articles from your browser to your Kindle with one click with Send-to-Reader

VictorReader Stream Audio Tutorials

Affordable Wilson Digital Voice Recorder for just $29.95

Helpful gadgets under $50 for people with mobility challenges

NVDA 2011.2 released

NV Access is looking at selling Nuance ETI-Eloquence for use with NVDA for $30

Special ninite software installer page including only accessible software plus NVDA

NVDA and Thunder: A Comparison of Two Free Screen Readers

New AccessWorld covers different video magnifiers and free screen readers

Voice Reader Text to Speech for iOS

HTML5 Accessibility ARIA landmark support

Experimental Online Braille Translation Site

MS Office keyboard shortcut cheat sheets from Microsoft

Enable Accessibility Mode for WordPress Widgets

UserScript Gives Chrome Speech Input

Google Plus Keyboard Accessibility

Guide to Google+

Google+ privacy controls you’ll want to know about

beginner’s guide to setting up your new Android phone

12 tips for mastering Android

Drive-by attacks targeting smartphones are in our future

Internet Service Providers in US now required to keep records of your activity

The number 1 app on Facebook, Facebook Messenger

AT&T confirms plan to throttle heaviest unlimited data users October 1

appleApple adds new TV Shows tab to the Purchased section in iTunes

Latest Apple TV upgrade adds iTunes TV show streaming and Vimeo support

Apple named in e-book price-fixing lawsuit

Apple offers buyback program for old iPhone, iPad, Macs

NFB Resolution 2011-03 the Lack of Accessibility Requirements in Apple Products

NFB Access reviews of OSX Lion and Adobe Digital Editions

Very Useful Voiceover getting started guide for Lion

Lion Boot Disk Creation. Now Automated, With DiskMaker

Apple issues Lion Recovery Disk Assistant for external drives

OSX networks are significantly more vulnerable

Jerry Lewis out as Muscular Dystrophy Association chairman MDA

Researchers lose bid to block human embryonic stem cell research

New Mobile App for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes

Camera Mouse free head-tracking assistive software

Robot teddy bear nurse helps move patients

Survey: 33% would give up sex instead of their phone


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