Tech Chat 105: Improving the Quality of Your Sleep

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Tech chat 105 covers improving the quality of your sleep. Josep Hull and William Hoos discuss ways to sleep through the night. We also cover an opportunity for you to take part in a clinical research study.


Blind Individuals With Recurrent Sleep Problems Needed for Survey and Research Study

Individuals who are totally blind with recurrent sleep or napping problems are needed for a survey and/or clinical study.
For each completed survey, a donation of $25 will be made to organizations that support people with blindness.
Participants in a clinical study will be compensated for their time and effort and will receive study medication, study-related medical evaluation and transportation at no cost.
Sleep problems and napping occur in some individuals who are totally blind. This can be caused by the lack of light needed to reset the “body clock”. The result is recurrent sleep problems similar to jet lag.
Individuals may qualify for the survey or the clinical study if they:
are between 18 and 75 years of age

  • are totally blind
  • have recurrent trouble sleeping at night or experience daytime sleepiness or napping

If you are interested Call toll free 888-389-7033 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Friday Eastern Time, or


View Tech Chat 105: Improving the Quality of Your Sleep, Thursday June 9 at 9PM Eastern Via Accessible Event


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