SeroTalk Podcast 69: License to Steal?

In Podcast 69, Mike Calvo, Ricky Enger, Joe Steinkamp and Michael Lauf discuss anouncements from Apple at WWDC 2011 on the next iOS5, Lion for Mac and iCloud, Plus Microsoft Windows 8 with built-in screen reader.

Mac Break Weekly on iCloud

Deep Twitter Integration Coming to iOS 5

Lion features, how to get many of them now

iMessage copies BlackBerry Messenger

iTunes Match music streaming for $24.99 per year

Apple announces iOS 5, including wireless updates and Twitter integration

Apple Has Just Monetized Pirated Content

New iOS 5 features compared to Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

Lion Server will be an extra $50 via the Mac App Store

Apple details iCloud’s digital storage and syncing, free 5GB of storage

5 things you should know about Apple iCloud

Apple says devices updated to iOS 5 beta can’t be restored to earlier versions

Windows Weekly Show on Windows 8

Windows 8 Narrator Screen Reader Demo

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