SeroTalk Tech Chat 10 – Backing Up Your Computer, Files and Data

In TEch Chat Ten, we began by speaking with Bill Sparks about his two latest web sites:

RememberRadio – Purchase and Download Old time Radio Shows Starting at 99 Cents for Three shows

All Things RAdio Podcast and blog

Kerry emailed us with an awesome news resource:

NFB Newsline Online Offers Ad-Free Newspapers for YOur Victor, Icon or Braille Plus

We discussed backing up your computer operating system, software, product licenses and keys, photos, music and videos.

BackUp4All Backs Up Data From All Versions of Windows to Almost Any External Source

Paragon Drive Image Backup 9.0

VM Ware Allows YOu to Run Multiple Operating Systems Simultaneously On One Computer

Amazon S3 Simple Storage Online

Vinux 1.4 Iso

Special thanks to Jeffrey Stark for providing the following backup resources:

SyncBack SE – Create automated backups, multiple copies of data, zip up all your important material and/or upload it automatically to an FTP, Network drive, removable storage drive or other system. Set up multiple tiers of backup

SyncBack SE Features Page

PC Relocator (for Windows 2000 or XP) – The company was bought by Microsoft so will likely find it’s way into windows in some form. However, if you want to back up apps, settings and data or transfer it from PC to PC in XP

PC Relocator for XP at $19.98

External storage you can connect right to your network and access from all

PCs as if it is a local drive. Mirror part of a drive for added backup. –

NetGear SC101T Backup all your drivers

Magic JellyBean KeyFinder Finds Your Product Keys for windows

Listen to SeroTalk Tech Chat 10 – Back Up Your Computer and Important Files – 36 Minutes


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One Response to SeroTalk Tech Chat 10 – Backing Up Your Computer, Files and Data

  1. BlindTech says:

    Its still ashamed that serotech seems to be delivering mixed signals based on who’s paying them or what loyalties they have to certain groups. Can some one explain with the facilities we have available to us now with audible, with national audio based news papers being read. and with most if not all now local news papers being online for free, why in the hell does the blind need to be in their own little bubble with not only the nfb news line, but the stream, icon and braille plus. when just a month or so ago, Mike recorded a podcast explaining that the blind need to get rid of or just realize there are more devices besides your blind devices, such as my ipod nano, my MSI Wind, my Acer Aspire1, My Macbook and many other devices I use as a fully self reliant blind productive person in my community and many other communities when I travel to them, as a Technology Consulting Company owner and my staff to many state governments.

    Its mind blowing how this garbage continues and yet its Acceptable by the sheep of the so called blind community with your funky looking blind devices out there looking like freaks in public. I mean come on, look at the various webbsites from FS to GW to Humanware and their PDA’s they claim that consumers from teens in malls, to lawyers in multi million dollar law firms use this garbage, this useless garbage to make their day productive. the icon and the braille plus same thing, people claim that blind people walk out in public with these ugly things and look cool or fashionable or respected some how.

    When I walk out with my Google G1, fully accessible, my pocket pc running windows mobile, my smartphone running windows mobile, my Nokias running talks and Mobilespeak and my various normal computer hardware depending on my mood, I am the one making strides out there for you all. I show the communities out there how reality is for us who happen to be blind but manager to live successfully with it.

    Gabe Vega
    Commtech LLC
    2942 N 24th Street
    Suite 114
    Phoenix, AZ 85016
    (623) 565-9357 Voice
    (206) 338-2361 Fax

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